ENDS 1ST FEB - 40% off VSL Dimension Strings + Free Bonus Pack!

ENDS 1ST FEB - 40% off VSL Dimension Strings + Free Bonus Pack!

Now's your chance to get great savings on VSL's top Dimension Strings titles in their January sale with up to 40% off!

All ready own VSL Dimension Strings Bundle? You can now get a Ponticello Bonus pack for FREE!

This bonus pack including staccatos, sustains, tremolos and slow tremolos played “sul ponticello” (on the bridge) is free for registered users of the Vienna Dimension Strings Bundle

The deal includes...

VSL SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings I - Five Flexible String Ensembles, perfectly SYNCHRON-ized.

VSL SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings ll - Five Muted String Ensembles, perfectly SYNCHRON-ized. 

VSL SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings III - The softest strings you’ve never heard.

VSL Synchron Package - Combines all of VSL's Synchron series at a reduced price.

VSL Vienna Dimension Strings III - A collection expands VSLs unique and successful Dimension Strings series to the softest string sounds ever.

VSL Vienna Dimension Strings Bundle STANDARD - Combines Dimension Strings 1 and 2 Standard Libraries for a great value price.

VSL Vienna Dimension Strings l - One of the most detailed string virtual instruments ever created. 

VSL Vienna Dimension Strings Bundle FULL - With a total of over 1 million samples, Vienna Dimension Strings is by far the most ambitious and time intensive production in the history of the Vienna Symphonic Library.

VSL Vienna Dimension Strings ll - It contains nearly the same playing techniques, but these string instruments were exclusively recorded “con sordino” (with mutes), offering all-new sonic subtleties.

VSL Super Package - This is the ultimate Vienna Symphonic Library, the entire sample database from A to Z covering the complete symphonic orchestra and a lot more.

VSL Strings Complete Bundle - The whole range of symphonic string instruments.

Deal ends 1st February!