ENDS 29TH NOVEMBER - 20% off all Rob Papen instruments, effects and bundles!

ENDS 29TH NOVEMBER - 20% off all Rob Papen instruments, effects and bundles!

This Black Friday Rob Papen has announced 20% off all Rob Papen synths and effects plug-ins, including the popular eXplorer bundle!

Save 20% on Rob Papen's sensational synths, creative effects and all-in-one eXplorer 7 bundle for a limited time only during Black Friday! Here are some of the titles on offer:

eXplorer 7 - Save 20%

This inspirational bundle holds 25 RP products if you include the amazing Prisma! which you can request after registering your bundle. For the full use of Prisma its presets, SubBoomBass, Blade, and Punch are available to be installed as well.

Vecto - Save 20%

Rob Papen Vecto is a powerful Four-Oscillator Vector Synthesiser that allows the user to draw in vector paths to shape the sound in many different ways. Included in the package are a huge selection of oscillator waves, sampled waveforms, multiple modulation options and preset vector paths to help create unique and distinctive sounds.

DelSane Delay - Save 20%

New Rob Papen DelSane is a highly affordable delay effects plug-in that offers far more than your average delay fx. On the one hand, DelSane delivers a lovely-sounding smooth stereo tape delay but on the other, it’s an insane-sounding creative tool – in short, it’s the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of Delay effects plug-ins!

Save up to 20% on all Rob Papen products including bundles! Buy now at Time+Space!