ENDS 30TH APRIL - 77% off AAS Richard Devine Sound Design Plug-In Bundle 2

ENDS 30TH APRIL - 77% off AAS Richard Devine Sound Design Plug-In Bundle 2

The AAS Richard Devine Sound Design Plug-In Bundle 2 is exclusive to Time+Space and you can save a huge 77%!

Featuring Epicycles and Microsound Textures, both of these super inspiring collections are crafted by master sound designer and producer Richard Devine and include the free AAS Player. In total you'll receive 239 creative sounds spanning a variety of categories.

AAS Microsound Textures Chromaphone 3 Sound pack - Microsound Textures is all about precision, details, subtlety, and complexity. Richard Devine’s idea was to use grain particles and tiny pulses to create rich and dense textures. In addition, the collection includes a wide variety of surprising and mysterious instruments ranging from light and delicate to dark and atonal. 

AAS Epicycles Chromaphone 3 Sound pack - After his Microsound Textures compendium, Richard Devine revisits Chromaphone in its second incarnation and presents an unsettling and opaque collection of new sounds. The 111 Epicycles presets adventurously delve into enigmatic and uncertain lands.

This brand new bundle also includes the free AAS Player so you don't have to own Chromaphone 3 which means you can still use the sounds in your music/sound design. Owners of Chromaphone 3 can manipulate and edit the sounds.

Offer ends 30th April 2021.