ENDS 30TH JUNE - Save up to 55% on Audionamix bundles!

ENDS 30TH JUNE - Save up to 55% on Audionamix bundles!

Audionamix is the global leader in audio source separation. Based on years of audio research, Audionamix has developed the revolutionary ADX Technology which allows content owners to unmix and isolate melodic and spoken elements from a master recording.

Throughout all of May Audionamix are discounting their 4 bundles, giving customers the bust possible prices for the best software they have to offer! ENDS 31ST MAY!

Professional Suite: Simply the best Audionamix bundle. You wear many hats in this industry, and this bundle gives you the best solution for both music and post-production workflows. Separate speech, vocals, melody and more with TRAX Pro SP, Audionamix's most powerful piece of standalone software. Work within your DAW with VVC and IDC, and tackle any issue with Audionamix's top of the line pro-level software and plug-ins.

Music Production Bundle: The Audionamix Music Production Bundle is Audionamix's best value bundle for music production workflows. Use VVC to separate melodic content and automate it's vocal volume and pan position within previously mastered mixes. Use TRAX Pro to create acapellas, unique instrument samples, and deconstruct mono and stereo files.

Post-Production Bundle: The post-production engineer’s dream come true. Separate, isolate and control dialogue independently from background elements in mono and stereo recordings. Reduce or remove noise, improve speech intelligibility, clean up dialogue and much more. Use the IDC plug-in for quick fixes without leaving your DAW, then send your trickiest files to Audionamix TRAX Pro SP, Audionamix's most advanced separation solution.

Plug-In Bundle: Automatically separate and seamlessly adjust speech and melodic content from within any mono or stereo mix, all from the comfort of your favourite DAW. Includes the new realtime, cloudless Instant Dialogue Cleaner plug-in. The Audionamix Plugin Bundle is Audionamix's recommended choice for easy workflow integration on both Windows and Mac systems.