ENDS 30TH SEPT - 80% off AAS Strum guitar plugin + mega upgrade deal

ENDS 30TH SEPT - 80% off AAS Strum guitar plugin + mega upgrade deal

An electric and acoustic guitar virtual instrument for less than £8? Yes, it's true!

Get AAS's Strum Session now with 80% off, and you'll also be eligible to upgrade to the full Strum GS-2 virtual instrument for just £36 PLUS we'll add a free Pop Rocks Strum Expansion pack worth £30 into the mix when you do!

Whether you've never considered this guitar modeling instrument before, or it has been on your wish list for some time, now is the time to grab this extra special deal while you can!


What is AAS Strum?

Strum Session is a plugin for the production of guitar tracks. It offers you an acoustic and an electric guitar with chord recognition, chord voicing, strumming and picking action, MIDI riff library, amp and effects. Playing guitar on a keyboard has never been so easy!

Strum Session provides fewer presets, chord voicings and modules than it's big brother Strum GS-2. Take it for a spin today - with 80% off we think it's a no brainer!

Then, if you get hungry for all those extra options, you can take advantage of the incredible upgrade deal too! Check out our video below which describes the differences between the two versions.

Already own an AAS 'Session' title?

If you already own Strum Session, Ultra Analog Session, Lounge Lizard Session or the Session Bundle you can take advantage of the upgrade offer to the full Strum GS-2 right away!


Been thinking of buying Strum GS-2 anyway?

Buy Strum Session and the upgrade to GS-2 in one purchase for less than £44 - and you'll be saving £100, plus you'll get the free Pop Rocks pack too, saving another £30!