ENDS 31ST MAY - 20% off Rob Papen creative FX plug-ins

ENDS 31ST MAY - 20% off Rob Papen creative FX plug-ins

Save 20% on all Rob Papen creative effects plug-ins throughout May!*

Rob Papen is most renowned for his sensational synth plug-ins but his range of effects software titles are equally impressive. 

These are not just your bread and butter reverbs/EQs/delays etc – each plug-in has been designed for maximum creativity with unique features that make for fun and inspiring musical exploits!

Here's just three of our favourites...

MasterMagic - insert MasterMagic at the end of your DAW master FX chain and  prepare to be amazed at how much it can enhance your new track!

RP-Reverse - a unique creative audio processing plugin which can be used to add flavour and depth to your drum-loops, vocals or instruments.

XY-Transfer – a creative FX plug-in with an impressive range of filters and FX and three XY pads for ultimate sound and parameter modulation.

Prices start at just £24.95...


*20% off excludes new DelSane delay FX plug-in which is currently 17% off