ENDS 2ND NOVEMBER - Up to 25% Off NEW VSL Synchron Percussion III and Synchron Percussion Bundle

ENDS 2ND NOVEMBER - Up to 25% Off NEW VSL Synchron Percussion III and Synchron Percussion Bundle

VSL Synchron Percussion III houses SIX incredible sets of instruments, all recorded on the beautiful Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna

VSL's Percussion III houses SIX full libraries of incredible percussion instruments within a single, high value, collection. Recorded with a multi-microphone set up in the beautiful Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna, this collection gives you all the sonic flexibility that you can imagine from a perscussion library. 

Within all of the sets of instruments you'll find whole hosts of articularions, round robins, rolls, dynamic performances, MIDI loops and more. For the sound-side, every instrument was recorded using 12 microphones with option to blend up to four microphones to create the perfect timbre. Looking towards mixing you'll find a variety of mixer presets along with specifically tuned reverbs, compressors, delays and other effects ready to go, as well as the option to work in 'Surround' when mixing for 5.1, Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos. 

Synchron Timapni III
5 awesome Adams timpani drums (20"-32") covering octaves C2-C4 recorded and played with hard mallets, particularly suited to Baroque and Classical era pieces. Also includes some articulations and ensemble hits from Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax

Synchron Drums III
A set of drums perfect for capturing a variety of styles and emotions, including a field drum, marching snare, piccolo snare, snare drum and boobams. Also included are the powerful drum ensembles of Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado, driving percussion from BBO: Eridanus and the unique Drums & Pianos setups from BBO: Fornax.

Synchron Cymbals & Gongs III
A collection of suspnded cymbals, paitti and ancient cymbals, as well as the powerful cymbal & metal ensembes of Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado as well as High Gong Ensemble of BBO: Fornax

Synchron Mallets III
A beautifully recorded marimba and set of temple blocks - these diatonic and chromatic instruments cover timbres from warm and woody to snappy and sharp tones. 

Synchron Bells III
Explore the sounds of cencerros, hand bells, run bells, bell tree and jingle bells, aslong with the unique Low Bells & Piano ensemble and the High Bells ensemble from Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax.

Synchron Orchestral Percussion III
A wide array of puercussion instruments and effects, anything from cow bells to car horns, bongos to birdcalls, as well as Latin percussion with MIDI loops.

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