EXCLUSIVE DEAL - 3 AAS Sound Packs for just £13.99 / $19!

EXCLUSIVE DEAL - 3 AAS Sound Packs for just £13.99 / $19!

Don't miss this exclusive Time+Space deal and the chance to add some truly inspiring sounds to your set-up for an unbelievably low price!

This exclusive limited-time collection includes three highly useable AAS sound packs for much less than the normal price of one!

Bundled with the free AAS Player, these collections offer over 300 sounds that will inspire your next production or provide that elusive missing ingredient needed to finally finish a track.

Normally worth a combined £86 – get all three packs for just £13.99!

Combining Synth City, Frontier and Raw, this bundle delivers a versatile mix of futuristic, retro and raw gritty sounds - all useable in the included free AAS Player.

Like all sound packs, each of these can also be used with the full software from which they were created, ultimately giving you loads of options for manipulating the audio - what's more the full software (namely Chromaphone 3, String Studio VS-3 and Ultra Analog VA-3) are all currently half price in the AAS Summer Sale!

Get three sounds packs for just £13.99 / $19 – only at Time+Space for a limited time!