ProjectSam announce PRICE DROP extravaganza - Save up to 40%!

ProjectSam announce PRICE DROP extravaganza  - Save up to 40%!

The main keyword to describe the work of ProjectSAM is: cinematic. Their Kontakt Player libraries are specifically created for film, tv and game composers.  Not fully satisfied with the orchestral samples available at the time, they set out to record their own, focusing on three main things:

  • an ambient, multi-mic setup in a concert hall environment,
  • the right set of articulations, emphasising on note lengths in-between a sustain and a staccato, to be able to build thematic lines,
  • instrumental effects that cannot simply be recreated using individual samples.

The 'ProjectSAM sound' is best described as deep and warm. Because they offer each library in multiple microphone sets, the samples fit into any mix easily. A second important aspect of ProjectSAM's philosophy is the focus on unique articulations and effects. In each of their libraries they include playing techniques, instrument combos and cinematic effects that you won't find anywhere else!

Some of their best loved titles:

ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials - Essential and affordable all-in-one cinematic starter kit for media composers.

Symphobia - A rich selection of immersive multi-samples attained by true ensemble recordings and intense cinematic effects, orchestral combinations and articulations.

Lumina - A full orchestra, choir, smaller ensembles and a wide range of guest instruments, dives into the world of fantasy, mystery and animation.

Symphobia Colours Animator - Your go-to source for scoring cartoons, animated features, light games or sitcoms.

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