Gothic Instruments DRONAR Master Edition –

Gothic Instruments DRONAR Master Edition – has released a first look video for Gothic Instruments' DRONAR Master Edition (see below) as well as an indepth review about the instruments' sounds and features. They said...

"Occasionally I receive a new library that really causes me to just get lost in the sculpting of new sounds. Dronar Master Edition is such a library, but on steroids. To call it a sonic tweaker’s paradise I’m not sure is beginning to do it justice. There are so many possibilities in the way that you can mix not only the eight available sound sources, but sculpt the sound using arpeggiators LFOs, effects and quite frankly the equivalent of a mixing desk worth of capability.

If jumping in and getting under the hood is not your cup of tea, you still have in excess of 2,000 snapshots worth of content to explore. This includes all of the existing content from the first eight Dronar libraries along with new snapshots that mix sound sources between the libraries for you as a starting point. Dronar libraries were always great – this just takes it to a whole new level. Now you can get your Live Strings with a side of Dark Synthesis and Guitarscapes!" Click here to read the review in full

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