iZotope - VocalSynth 2 - Computer Music

iZotope - VocalSynth 2 - Computer Music

Review extracts...

"The GUI has been redesigned to match iZotope's other recent releases. It looks great and is easy to navigate."

"Opening Biovox's Advanced view reveals the Vowel pad, which pulls the sound towards a specified blend of vowels. It certainly works, but given how profound and sweeping the effect is, it's most effective as a corrective automation target, for spot-fixing unclear individual vowels. Overall, Biovox is a solid new addition to VocalSynth's module rack."

"The ability to get hands-on with the synths obviously marks a major improvement on the original VocalSynth's entirely uneditable carrier setup, and we're very glad to see it implemented."

"VocalSynth was already a fantastic plugin, with endless potential for harmonising, mechanising, monsterising, enhancing, replacing and general transmogrification, and version 2 brings plenty of impressive new toys to the table."

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