Rob Papen - Go2 - Computer Music

Rob Papen - Go2 - Computer Music

Review extracts...

"Go2 is ostensibly a single-oscillator instrument, but that oscillator is a streamlined version of the one in Rob Papen's flagship synth, Predator 2, outputting two waveforms at once, chosen from a menu of 128 analogue, additive, spectral and noise options. The waves are mixed and morphed in various ways to create hybrid shapes, with the Morph Amount slider positively inviting creative modulation."

"Up to four spreadable, detunable unison voices are on tap, too. That's not a particularly impressive number, but it's partly made up for by Go2's ability to snap those voices to the notes of an extensive range of chords - Major, Minor, Fifth, Dominant, Diminished, Octaves, etc. Very cool."

"Go2 has two filters onboard: the first a resonant multimode (LP, BP, Notch, Comb) 12/24dB/octave job, the second a resonant 12dB/octave high-pass. Alongside Velocity, Keytracking and Mod Wheel mod depth knobs, a graphical ADSR envelope is hardwired to the main filter. This can be literally inverted for negative modulation at the click of a button - a nice touch.

"Go2 effortlessly blasts out the sorts of big, rich, heavily modulated modern sounds in all categories - basses, leads, pads, FX, keys, chords, sequences, etc - for which Papen's superlative instruments have always been known."

"Versatile, intuitive and enjoyable to work with, Papen's funky new synth could indeed become a go-to instrument for any electronic music producer or sound designer."

Click here to view Rob Papen Go2 and download the free demo version.