Rob Papen - Go2 - SampleLibraryReview

Rob Papen - Go2 - SampleLibraryReview


"Whether you are a beginner or are thoroughly adept at programming soft synthesisers, Go2 has something to offer everyone. Running the spectrum from cinematic thunder to EDM to enigmatic soundscapes and ambient drones, you can find it all inside this neatly packaged single interface synthesiser."

"There are a number of competitive products that have hit the market in the past 12 to 18 months that are slim versions of their more complex parents. The difference here is that Go2 is a totally new synthesiser that is not a stripped-down progeny, this is a new synthesiser that draws on the experience in the development of some of the other classic Rob Papen synthesisers taking best-of-breed functionality and presenting it in a single simplified interface at a price point that quite frankly seems like a no-brainer."

"After spending a little bit of time (okay more than a little bit of time!) with Go2 I have to admit that I was easily blown away. Once you start reviewing a product and you get lost in the product to the point where you forget to go back to the review, it’s evident that you may have a real winner on your hands. I certainly had two new tracks well on their way to completion."

"I really didn’t expect a $49 synthesiser to contain the functionality that Go2 has and I didn’t expect to be able to get the kind of sounds out of it that I did. I have a substantial arsenal of soft synthesisers that I use on a regular basis and I would never expect to be saying that this is going to be holding a prominent place in my workflow because of the ability to get such immediate results in sculpting a sound. It’s definitely not a three-oscillator-beast with all the bells and whistles of its larger competitors, but when you stack Go2 up against the simplified and scaled-down synthesisers that some developers have released of late, this one wins hands down for sound and workflow."

"I am just blown away by this little beast."

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