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Great value bundle combining Extreme Vocal Environments and Extreme Environments

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Whether you're creating music for film and TV, are a composer or sound designer or are into dance and electronica, then this great value bundle of ambiences, soundscapes, beds, drones, pads, loops and FX will give you a limitless source of creativity and inspiration. 

Both titles include Kontakt Instruments for the full (paid for) version of Kontakt, but if you don't own Kontakt you'll also find plenty of inspiring loops and samples in multiple formats!

This bundle saves you £28.00

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Si Begg Extreme Vocal Environments (EVE)

Si Begg Extreme Vocal Environments (EVE) is an exciting new library from Zero-G that uses the human voice as its start point to create soundscapes and ambiences to inspire musicians and sound designers alike. EVE is a unique sound design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create dense and complex ambiences based on vocal sources, ranging from musical pads through to extreme sound design to give you almost limitless sound design capabilities.

As well as tonal samples there are also sound design-based samples which enable you to create a variety of ghostly, disjointed effects suitable for darker projects.
This creative tool will prove extremely useful to anyone eager to create sonically interesting textures, from modern film, game and TV composers and sound designers to dance and electronica acts and lovers of Boards of Canada style lushness.

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Si Begg Extreme Environments

Si Begg Extreme Environments is a unique sound design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create dense and complex ambiences, ranging from musical pads through to realistic room tones and extreme sound design. 

The main feature of Extreme Environments is the Kontakt instrument which combines a state-of-the-art user interface with the loops and impulse responses to give you a highly flexible tool for creating a huge variety of beds, drones, pads and FX. It comes with over 150 presets.

The core of the instrument is the three channels where you can select any one of the 142 loops. For each channel you can then control the pitch, time stretch, amplitude & filter envelopes, saturation and reverb send. All three channels are then mixed together and put through master high pass and low pass filters, then finally a limiter.
The other key part of the instrument is the convolution reverb, which any of the three channels can be sent to. You can choose any one of the 86 bespoke impulse responses, ranging from straightforward to extreme sound design. This adds great depth and atmospheric detail beyond the standard reverbs you might usually come across.

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Customer Reviews

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"A few more filter modes and an LFO or two would be worth adding to Extreme Environments, but this is a sound designer´s dream without them."Computer Music

"Fuelled by 100 human voice loops and 85 impulse responses, and including 150 presets. The samples are indeed extreme, from crackling glitches and granulars to alien burbles and creepy whispers, and the interface lets you mix three at a time, pitchshifting, timestretching, filtering and modulating them one-by-one before they meet at the convolution reverb and master filter... The results are beautiful" - Computer Music Magazine, UK

"Extreme Environments represents great value for money and anyone in need of a fresh batch of highly advanced, slightly off-kilter sound-design patches should check it out." - SOUND ON SOUND

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Sample Library


  • Acid
  • Aiff
  • Exs24
  • Kontakt files
  • Wav

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