Zero-G The Vault - Intense Atmospheres Collection

A collection of five incredible classic Zero-G sample libraries

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The Vault - Intense Atmospheres Collection is a new bundle that includes an incredible multi-format collection of five classic Zero-G sample libraries – Seismic Frequencies, Ambient, Cuckooland Unhinged, Ghost In The Machine and Asylum.

All sounds in the following trailer are derived from this bundle!

Containing over 3GB of professional sound design for filmmakers, video game developers, music producers and composers, this sonically inspiring sample collection contains a wealth of unique and inspiring sounds from dark moody tones, beautiful landscapes, hypnotic rhythms and textures to menacing, mind-altering ambiences.

All of the included samples are 100% original & royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees

Zero-G Seismic Frequencies


Dangerously beautiful landscapes of organic tones, moody washes and powerfully expressive sound energies fused with a multitude of adventurous experiments in audio alchemy, makes Seismic Frequencies strong and intoxicating enough to cause an earthquake of sonic influence on all styles of music.

Seismic Frequencies features a vast array of unique and original samples under the following category headings:

Ambient, Ambient FX, Ambient Loops, Ambient Pads, Ambient Shots, Ancient Drones, Archaic, Atmospheres, Beats, Bells, Creatures, Drones, Drums, Explosive, Flyers, FX, Game FX, Hi Metals, Lunar Drones, Machine Loops, Metal Washes, Motoric Drones, Moves, Noisy, Propeller Drones, Rhythm Drones, Rhythm FX Loops, Sci-Fi, Steel Pads, Stingers, Sweep FX, Synth Washes.

There's such a wide selection of samples here that you could dip into it no matter what style you're working in.." - COMPUTER MUSIC MAGAZINE, UK


Zero-G Ambient


Over 470 Mb of stunning sounds produced by highly acclaimed British electronic musician IAN BODDY. There's a fantastic array of dreamy NN19 atmospheric and FX patches for use in ambient dance, trance, film soundtracks or futuristic trance music of all kinds.

Combining the hypnotic charms of Jarre, Floyd, Tangerine Dream and so on with current dance trends, "Ambient" is designed to mellow you out with relaxing washes, laid back rhythms and awesome sound effects. Includes WAV format and Kontakt (.nki) patches.

IMPORTANT: The included Kontakt files require the FULL version of Kontakt. They will NOT work in the FREE Kontakt Player.

"An impressive inventory of analogue and digital synths, well organised and beautifully realised. I'm going to buy this - case open and shut!". Five Stars - Sound On Sound


Zero-G Cuckooland Ghost In The Machine


Ghost in the Machine is the second title in the Altered States Series - the sequel to the stunningly fresh-sounding 'Unhinged'.

This remarkable sequel delivers everything you expect and more from the innovative Zero-G production team: Dark and menacing mind-altering ambiences, heavenly pads, extraordinary arpeggiations....

This sampling resource is packed full of some of the most amazing textures and effects ever created.

Lie back, shut your eyes and let the Ghost take control of the inspiration flow.

The variety really is astonishing.. Everyone from neo-classical composers to dance producers should be able to find elements here that would benefit their sample library.. If you want a ghost in your machine, you can't get much scarier than this monster!" - THE MIX MAGAZINE, UK


Zero-G Cuckooland UNHINGED 


Are Cuckooland insane? Reality is strange... and this incredible selection of rhythms, textures and FX will have you making music in very new ways.

Grooves from 67 to 170 BPM provide rhythmical backing unlike anything you have heard before and the textures and FX are out of this world. This collection is ideal for all - from Trip Hop to Film - New styles of music will definitely evolve from this great collection!

"A truly wondrous product that simply defies explanation.. it will take you on a rare and sometimes terrifying trip." SOUND ON SOUND


Zero-G Cuckooland ASYLUM


A wild collection of strange loops, crazed voices, twisted noise and just plain madness. In "Ward A" you will find BPM grouped loops that will have the same effect on you as a month of electric shock therapy - in other wards you will discover large sections of noises that make programming your own grooves and atmospheres in a groundbreaking style a piece of cake.

Asylum is unnerving where Unhinged was strange and Ghost In The Machine was scary. Why not visit the sampling Asylum - your music will never be the same again.

"For one thing, the previous two Cuckooland's are rated as among the most imaginative sample selections on the market. And ever eager to please, they've done it again with Vol 3 'Asylum'..." - FUTURE MUSIC magazine, UK

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