Cinematique Instruments Charakter Piano Collection

A collection of six inspiring pianos from Cinematique Instruments

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The Cinematique Instruments Charakter Piano Collection is an assortment of six different pianos - each one with a strong character that's suitable for multiple different genres of music.

Whether you're looking for a warm piano that adds intimacy to your music, a strong upright piano with lots of options, or a much more soft and fragile sounding piano, the Charakter Piano Collection offers you a variety with 6 different pianos.

Curbed Piano

For 'Curbed Piano' Cinematique Instruments inserted a thick piece of fabric or felt between the hammer and the strings. They then recorded each key stroke to capture the resulting warm and dampened sound.  As a result, the overall sound and feel of Curbed Piano is very intimate and organic. You also get additional features such as reverse sounds and stuttering sustain.

Intimate Piano

Intimate Piano is a special recorded set of samples of Cinematique Instruments' beloved Zeither & Winkelmann upright piano. They recorded the piano by a field recorder lying on the ground of it and restricted themselves to recording just a very low and gentle velocity level of the piano. This kind of playing along with the unique recording setting results into its charming, warm and intimate sound.

Intimate+ Piano

 In 2018 Cinematique Instruments  updated the intimate piano to the Intimate +“ version. Instead of adding fx sounds to the piano you can now add the realistic sound of the hammer (while hitting the strings) to the piano. Beside the option to control the volume of this hammer sound you can control the decay and tone of it. Additionally you can also mix a set of reverse sounds to it.


Practice Piano

Despite what the name may suggest The Practice Piano is definitely more than a piano that you just use for practice. Recorded in the academy for arts in music in Brisbane/Australia Cinematique Instruments are coming out with a piano that sounds real and vibrating. It is very raw and comes along with a 'granny' option that morphs its sound into an old Yamaha piano out of the cellar, where one of the Cinematique Instruments crew took his first steps!The resulting sound is very dirty and is more suited to vintage styles of music.

Upright Piano

This is Cinematique Instruments' very own Zeither & Winkelmann Piano. It's a bright and high-quality upright piano for that's perfect for use in a wide array of contemporary genres. Thanks to it's streamlined interface, you don't have to tweak a lot to get the sound you're after. Therefore 'Upright Piano' is the perfect piano for sketching down ideas and plotting the structure of your next project.

Soundboard Piano

Soundboard Piano is based on Cinematique Instruments' 'Deconstructed Piano library. They picked certain carefully sampled layers and put them into a new instrument. You have a handy knob that lets you morph the sound, to allow it to individually fit in your mix. Thanks to it's soundboard you get a whole new Piano that sounds somehow familiar, but completely different.

The Charakter collection includes six pianos which all have different options that allow you to edit and shape the sound.
Each of the pianos offer control over both high and low frequencies which enables you to ensure that your piano tracks all sit perfectly within your mix. You can push each piano to to the max, and it still gives you an original sound that does not sound processed, at all.
Each of the pianos come with eight wonderful reverbs, for every purpose: - Plate, Chamber, Analog, Room, Church, Space, Rich, Stage. 

The Practice Piano as well as the Intimate Piano provide an 'add noise' knob, which adds some organic string noise to the piano keys. The new pianos 'Curbed' and 'Intimate+' are equipped with a bunch of reverse sounds as well as the separate hammer sound. All the pianos come along with their own unique sound shaping option which is both distinctive and individual.

The 'Practice Piano' provides a 'Granny' option which lets you morph it into a new slightly detuned piano. The two blend together and create a sound that feels very old, vintage, and warm.

The 'Intimate Piano' provides an 'Add Pot FX' knob which mixes a weird percussive sound into the piano  coming from pots. This gives you a harder attack.

The 'Upright Piano' bestows you with a warm and enriching sound, that's well suited to more ambient and downtempo styles of music. 

The 'Soundboard Piano' comes along with 'Felt morph' which morphs the hammer sound into a felt mallet sound.

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