HybridTwo ABC Bundle

Bundle containing all three titles in the HybridTwo 'project' series

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The HybridTwo ABC Bundle contains every instalment in HybridTwo's 'project' series including their latest release Project Chaos. The project series is a line of intuitive and powerful hybrid musical cinematic sound design libraries created for Kontakt. With over 6GBs of sample data there's plenty to sink your teeth into! Here's more information on the products you can expect to find in this exceptionally priced bundle:

 Hybrid Two Project Alpha

Project Alpha

Hybrid Two Project ALPHA is an intuitive and powerful hybrid musical cinematic sound design library created for Kontakt that delivers over 2.3GB of sounds. Developed by renowned Sound Designers Daniel James and Aaron Frensley, this library has been built specifically with Film, TV, Video Game and Media Composers in mind.

HybridTwo Project Bravo

Project Bravo

The library has been designed to effortlessly layer in with your workflow, allowing you to load in a few patches or drag in the open wave files to give your tracks that modern hybrid sound. Based around a custom Native Instruments Kontakt script, Project Bravo allows for quick and easy customisation of any of the libraries patches.

HybridTwo Project Chaos

Project Chaos

Project Chaos features HybridTwo's most advanced UI to date while keeping with their philosophy that ease of use is king. With Project Chaos, you have access to 4 layers, each with their own advanced step sequencer, featuring per-step sub sequencers for volume, sample start, tuning and pan. Add to that their custom scripted modulation matrix featuring 2 LFOs and 2 Sequencers and the rhythmic possibilities are insane — and they’ve never been this easy to achieve.

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