Impact Soundworks Hybrid Scoring Bundle

A hybrid sound design bundle, perfect for film, TV & game scoring

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Introducing Impact Soundworks Hybrid Scoring Bundle. This hybrid sound design bundle is perfect for film, TV & game scoring! Featuring thousands of impacts, effects, textures, and playable tonal instruments created from synthetic and acoustic sound sources.

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This bundle includes:


Image result for impact soundworks juggernautJuggernaut is Impact Soundworks' flagship virtual instrument for electronic sound design, containing percussion, drum kits, impacts, slams, sweeps, textures, reverses, basses, and much more. The library is built from entirely original, synthesized sounds from a huge array of sound sources. the library is built from entirely original, synthesized sounds from a huge array of sound sources. This collection is inspired by the synthetic elements found in many modern film & game scores, trailers, and popular EDM (electronic dance music) genres like dubstep, drumstep, and complextro.

Celestia Heavenly Sound Design

Image result for impact soundworks Celestia Heavenly Sound DesignImpact Soundworks Celestia features over 500 handcrafted sounds ranging from acoustic instruments and textures, to hybrid synths, morphs, pads and beyond. Includes a slick, modern synthesis engine with deep editing and infinite ways to customize your sound. Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design is a hybrid composer´s dream: hundreds of synthetic and acoustic sound sources, rich editing, deep synthesis features, and endless ways to create unique variations. Rather than dark and gritty sounds, we instead focused the library and presets on the lighter end of the spectrum...

ReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound Design

Image result for impact soundworks ReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound DesignReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound Design, Impact Soundworks third virtual instrument focusing on unique, hybrid sounds for modern film, TV, and game composer. Recorded and produced by sound designer Ali Lacey, ReForged explores the world of forgotten metals captured in a shed within the quiet countryside of South Wales... and as the name suggests, transforms them into something entirely new.

Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano

Image result for impact soundworks Curio: Cinematic Toy PianoImpact Soundworks CURIO: Cinematic Toy Piano is a rare collection of custom-designed tonal and atonal material. Designed by Ali Lacey, Curio features a miniature grand piano recorded naturally, then prepared, deconstructed, and mangled beyond recognition using acoustic and electronic sound design techniques.In addition to atmospheric plucks, haunting and subtle mallet hits, and other traditional chromatic sounds, Curio contains a huge variety of percussive hits. These sounds, which range from light taps to earth-shaking subs, are ideal for epic cues and subtle underscore alike. The beautiful UI provides further editing controls, allowing for instant customization and shaping of any sound with just a few clicks.

Resonance: Emotional Mallets

Image result for impact soundworks Resonance: Emotional MalletsEvocative, custom-made stone, metal, wood and glass instruments that range in timbre from warm and beautiful to haunting, spine-tingling, mournful and everything in between. This library was not designed to be “epic” – though you can certainly use it for that. There are countless sample libraries available that focus on big, loud percussion, or dramatic sounds soaked in reverb. Impact Soundworks' vision was instead to capture these amazing found and custom instruments in a more intimate setting. Contains 33 "Natural" patches and 49 "Designed" patches built from 14 distinct instruments or ensembles.

Sonic Forest

Image result for impact soundworks Sonic ForestA truly unique instrument that takes humble mallet & bowed timbres, and turns them into evolving electroacoustic textures with a custom granular ‘forest’ engine. Even non-sound designers will enjoy the evocative UI allowing you to morph, alter, and grow the forest with infinite possibilities. The Sonic Forest includes a stunning UI that is meant to inspire your music. The serene imagery in the center of the interface gradually changes as you change evocative controls like "Flood", "Shade", and "Grow", providing feedback for how the sound is being affected.


Impact Soundworks Meditation is an inspiring collection of acoustic mallet, gong, and glass sounds combined with a revolutionary Kontakt-based additive synthesizer! With both easy tweaking and advanced modulation design tools, you can create an endless variety of evolving and subtle tones, perfect for scoring, ambient and atmospheric music.


COSMOS, an evocative synth powered by atmospheric, pulsating, and ambient sounds, and inspired by the wonders of outer space. Each of the hundreds of unique 'phrases' (arpeggios, sequences, gates) and playable textures delivers a perfectly polished sound. Layer, tweak, and combine to create your perfect cosmic soundscape!


Download Sizes (RAR files):


  • Parts 1 - 4: 953 MB each
  • Part 5: 23 MB

Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design:

  • Parts 1 - 11: 500 MB each
  • Part 12: 175 MB

ReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound Design:

  • Parts 1 - 2: 953 MB each
  • Part 3: 939 MB

Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano

  • Parts 1 - 2: 953 MB each
  • Part 3: 259 MB

Resonance Emotional Mallets:

  • Parts 1 - 5: 400 MB each
  • Part 6: 172 MB

Sonic Forest:

  • 229.3 MB

Total: 16.9 GB

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Sound-wise, Juggernaut is hard-hitting, high-impact and unapologetically ‘electronic’ […] what it has sounds very good, and the editable parameters and effects allow decent customization." – Computer Music

"Impact Soundworks didn’t stop with the natural sounds of [Resonance]. Comprehensive scripted interfaces let you modify each sound, and add carefully chosen convolution reverb. ISW has also designed a further 49 new instruments using software processing. These include some truly atmospheric impacts and keyboards, inventive leads and basses, epic percussion and evocative textures and drones. If you’re looking for fresh and unusual instrumental inspiration, you should definitely put Resonance on your shopping list." Martin Walker (Sound On Sound) Read the full review here

“Celestia is a great sounding library with a clean interface and tons of flexibility that delivers and instantly inspiring collection of atmospheric sounds and textures” –

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Virtual Instrument


  • Kontakt files
  • Kontakt library

Product Specs:

System Requirements
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 5.3 or higher
  • 8GB of RAM recommended
  • Core i3, i5, i7 processor recommended
  • 7200 RPM hard drive drive recommended