Rob Papen Predator 2 EDUCATION

New version of the popular synth packed with powerful new controls and presets

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Almost a decade ago, the original version of Rob Papen's Predator virtual synth was released to widespread acclaim from both press and users alike and quickly became industry standard. Over the years, Predator has inspired numerous top producers like Junkie XL, Armin van Buuren, Noisia and Teddy Riley to name but a few and has featured on a variety of artist albums and soundtracks.

Predator 2 continues this legacy and builds on Rob Papen’s original vision but enhances it further with an awesome selection of new features, functionality, and improvements while staying true to the underlying concept of being fun and easy to use. This is achieved by having a user interface designed so that almost all controls can be accessed from a signal screen with no complex edit menus.

Comes with FREE RP A-MOD modulation plugin + PRISMA!


  • Each oscillator is now dual, using two different waves (including the 8 user waves), with a variety of different waves of mixing / morphing between them.
  • Each preset can hold up to 8 user waves, which can be combined into wave-sets, which can be traversed in different ways.
  • Each user wave is editable, using up to 256 partials, and with advanced commands to edit and shape these wavetables. Many wave-tables and wave-sets are included.
  • Each filter and oscillator is now fully stereo.
  • Expanded second filter, with full controls and envelopes, plus a 3rd high pass filter.
  • Improved unison mode, so that you can now have up-to 6 unison sub-voices for each full voice, allowing unison to work in all play modes.
  • XY screen, with recordable paths, which can be used to modulate all the controls.
  • Dual Arp ( A & B) , with join mode allowing you to have up 32 step Arp. Plus new Sequencer Arp mode.
  • Increased envelopes and LFOs (up from 2 to 4).
  • Increased number of modulation steps (from 8 to 20), with advanced modulation mode allowing you to step limits and upper / lower amounts.
  • Improved chord editing.
  • Dual 3 band EQ with low / high pass filter which can be used pre / post of the effects.
  • Each section can have it’s own presets, and commands such as clearing / copying / pasting.
  • Easy mode .
  • Big Screen mode.
  • Much improved preset management, with find mode and tagging.
  • Almost 6000 presets.



Predator 2 is now NKS compatible, meaning you can use your Native Instruments hardware to control all parameters inside of Predator 2. This intuitive integration between software and hardware will speed up your worflow and give ultimate inspiration.


"It is powerful, coming with tons of presets, very flexible and quite intuitive for those who already have experience with this kind of software synthesizers. If you’re new to music production and sound design, do not get discouraged, after several minutes you will be able to tame this beast!" - Producer Spot

"Master Rob has done it again! I'm blown away from the sounds and the sound quality..u don't have to touch a knob if u don't want too sounds are thick, clean, wide and there's patches for every Genre! I won't do anotha track without it!" - Tim & Bob (Funktwons)

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"It's predator... but even better! One of the greatest soft synth gets a comprehensive makeover and improves in functionality." Computer Music (Rating: 9/10)

"Predator 2 is well worth consideration as a one-stop solution for all your virtual synthesis needs, combining industry-standard sound quality with deep programmability and impressive effects at a solid value." - AskAudio Read review in full

"...the flexibility in use with Predator 2 must be applauded, and certainly for mere bang for buck, there's plenty on offer for everyone here. The vast selection of waveforms and filter types is bewildering and comprehensive – so much so, it could absolutely fit a number of stylistic musical genres with ease" - Music Tech

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Virtual Instrument

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  • Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
  • 32 & 64 bit

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  • Windows Vista / Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
  • 32 & 64 bit