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Virtual Drummer and Virtual Guitarist are your new virtual bandmates, always on call when you want to write, play and record tracks. Real professional drummers and guitarists have been captured and integrated with UJAM's new virtual instrument engine.

What this means for you is a maximum of musical and sonic integrity and versatility, and a minimum of your precious energy required to get there. You can always trust Virtual Drummer & Virtual Guitarist to sound great no matter how you set them up.

This bundle contains two of UJAM's top rock oriented titles and provides you with everything you need to start forging your next rock anthem.

 UJAM Virtual Guitarist Iron

Virtual Guitarist Iron

When you're looking for powerful riffs and power chords, Virtual Guitarist Iron is your weapon of choice. Iron adds power riffs from subtle crunchy to furious roaring to your production. It comes with 100 Styles, over 1100 Phrases, multiple amps, and effects.

  • Powerful distorted chords and interval riffs
  • 100 Styles and over 1100 Phrases
  • Built-in amp/speaker emulations and effects section
  • Drop D and doubling modes for extra fatness
UJAM Virtual Drummer Heavy

Virtual Drummer Heavy

Virtual Drummer Heavy is a forceful rock and indie specialist. For all genres from soft pop-rock ballads to Seattle-style overdrive grunge, Heavy adds a wide range of drumming styles and sounds in your production. 

  • A virtual rock drummer with real drum performances. 
  • Full control over tempo, timbre and variations. 
  • Five meticulously recorded kits. 
  • 30 styles, 720 patterns (intro, verse, chorus, fill, ending). 
  • Custom FX algorithms: Slam and Character.

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