Cinematique Instruments Ukelele Trio

An exquisitely beautiful trio of nylon stringed Ukuleles

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The Ukulele is a small plucked lute with four strings traditionally made out of various bits of animal. Today nylon strings are used. The ukulele has its origins in Hawaii and was initially an interpretation of a small guitar-like instrument taken to Hawaii by immigrants.

It gained enormous popularity in the United States during the early 20th century, and from there it spread internationally. The tone and volume of the instrument vary with the size and construction. Ukuleles usually come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

Cinematique Instruments' Ukulele Trio consists of a soprano, a tenor and a baritone Ukulele. The Baritone ukulele is naturally the largest ukulele and has a different tuning which is D-G-B-E, the same as the last four strings of a standard guitar (as opposed to G-C-E-A).

The 'Ukulele Trio' consists of a soprano, a tenor and a baritone ukulele. Cinematique Instruments' primary focus was to create a ukulele instrument with a natural and organic feel and also that's quick and easy to use.

Cinematique Instruments concentrated on three different articulations. Firstly they re-recorded the muted notes, which were already successfully used in the former 'Muted Baritone Ukulele'. Furthermore, they added both open and dead notes to it, which were all recorded in 4 round robin variations with up to 4 velocity layers.

In addition to that, they programmed a strumming engine which performs patterns based on the pressed keys. This is best suitable for accompanying your song or music.

It is straightforward to use; you only need to draw your pattern in the sequencer and flip between dead notes and open strokes – that´s it. But you are also free to strum manually by selecting the 'strummed' articulation and then play around with the keyswitches.

Finally, they added some editing and fx features which let you shape the general sound and use different reverb types.

The Ukulele Trio is an instrument set that allows you to quickly and easily play to your music and enrich it with a beautiful & organic feel.

  • 3 in-depth patches
  • 1 multi-instrument patch


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