Cinematique Instruments Balalaika

A high-quality emulation of a traditional Russian Balalaika.

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The Balalaika is a small string instrument which most likely originates from central Asian lute instruments but is nowadays most closely associated with eastern European, especially Russian music.

First mentioned in the 17th Century, it was primarily used for village and folk music whereas the Balalaika also starts to take part in concert performances since the 19th Century. This even lead to the forming of Balalaika orchestras. Additionally the Balalaika acquired its iconic triangular shape in that time.

The Balalaika Cinematique Instruments have recorded is a three-stringed prima Balalaika which has a typical E-E-A tuning.

In true keeping with the history of Cinematique Instrument's previously released string instruments, they have again set a high focus on creating an instrument with a soft and warm sound which will have an organic and realistic feel. In order to concentrate on the primary instrument articulations, they have recorded the Balalaika in the regular 'plucking' articulation in eight times round robin which is well suited for playing melodies but also offers many more uses.

It features a 'Tremolo-Option' which is controlled via the Mod Wheel and is capable of creating a very tragic and dramatic, but also incredibly natural tremolo sound, which fits perfectly in a lot of different music styles and genres.

The other articulation which Cinematique Instruments have captured is the 'Strumming' articulation. This is great for accompanying and creating a good foundation for your music. Along with these samples Cinematique Instruments have additionally recorded strummed dead notes. You can play these notes manually or with a tiny but very powerful "Pattern" engine which lets you create patterns in a natural and self-explaining way. Furthermore, the Balalaika is equipped with different options to enhance the entire sound with three types of reverb, some fx features and editing possibilities.

Overall the Balalaika is an instrument which is easy to use whilst still offering loads of capabilities to augment your sound with its soft, organic feel and extremely versatile uses.

  • One in-depth patch
  • Four articulations with advanced scripting. 
  • Approx Data 0.8 GB

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