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Cinematique Instruments Marble is not only a creative music tool - it's an extremely versatile instrument, which is both modern and inspiring. By coming up with two parallel sound slots equipped with an "open" sequencer, real-time sound shaping and loads of acoustic and synthetic sound sources Marble tries to find new approaches to music production.

Marble covers a wide range of musical components and offers an enormous number of possibilities and options. It comes equipped with around 900 presets. It has single sounds, tonal textures, rhythmical figures, drum beats, ambient patterns, moving spheres, percussion loops etc. There are endless ways you can use Marble.

Marble is a two track 16 step sequencer with the ability to edit every single step in terms of volume, pan, filter, tune, drive, reverse etc. To sum it up, you have eleven parameters to utilise! In order to feed these two tracks Marble provides 63 different sound sources, some of them providing up to six round robin phrases with several dynamic layers (see list below).

Marble is fully chromatic. It is not just a one key trigger machine. You can play the sounds in every key or as chords.

If that was not enough, Marble gives you the opportunity to shape the your sound in real-time. There are 13 effects at your fingertips which can be manually adjusted in 127 steps. To recall these effect settings just use Marble - or the Modwheel.


The base of Marble are two parallel sound slots or tracks, each equipped with an 'open' 16 step sequencer. 'Open' means that you can determine and define every possible sound parameter for every single of the 16 steps. It is possible to separately change the values for 12 separate functions in every step of both sequencers. You can change the velocity, the note length, pan, tuning, the playing-direction, the shape, filter, LFO stutter, reverb, delay and the time shifting in both directions.

Marble is fully chromatically playable. It is not just a one key trigger machine. You can play the sounds in every key or as chords, but it is also possible to “lock” the tuning, which lets you play drum beats or rhythmical patterns far more easily.


In order to feed the 2 sound slots Marble provides a lot of exciting and organic sound sources. Beside some highlights of our current Cinematique Instruments library we have specially recorded plenty of new sounds and instruments such as a complex Gretsch jazz drum kit, a bass, a marimba, the pizzicato notes of a cello trio, a flute - thanks to, several modern and classical synths, a gran cassa, miscellaneous tiny skin percussions, shaker, lots of fx and glitch sounds and much more. (You can find the entire list below). Most of the sounds are arranged into several round robin variations and several dynamic layers. Each sound covers a key range of minimum four octaves from C1 to C5. There are also over 2,500 single sample sounds.


Marble provides a new and absolutely unique feature: Real-time Sound Shaping. After having created a sound in the sequencer using all the extensive possibilities, the entire sound goes through a complex effect matrix. This effect matrix includes various effects such as low and high pass filters, distortion, compression, frequency rate, random generator and much more. You can achieve amazing results by altering these effects values by small amounts and gives an exciting vitality and complexity to all the sounds or patterns. And guess what? This works in real- time.


If want to play the guitar or piano while Marble is running, just enable “Freeze” and Marble will continue to play without you holding a key in an endless cycle. This is an excellent feature for those who are going to use Marble in a live situation or as the starting point for a new music composition and wish to add further instruments.

"An excellent product that can easily find its way into any modern composer's arsenal." - ScoreCastOnline

"This is just perfect for adding some interesting emotive and sensitive details that are full of movements to any mid-to-slow tempo pop, indie or electro production. It is a very airy, wide sounding library with plenty of versatile presets that almost all have deep and pleasant organic sounding low end and sparkling bubbling highs." - SoundBytesMag

Tonal sounds/ natural and organic: E-Bass (Single Notes) - Telecaster Single Notes - E Guitar Harmonics - Cello Trio Pizzicato - Flute Staccato ( - Marimba (recorded in a concert hall) - Vibraphone/ Metallophone - Kalimba - Alto Glockenspiel - Glas Bowl - E-Piano (K101)

Synth: Pure Sinus - Pure Saw - 80s Typical - Classical - Korg MS20 Elektro Bass - Modern Bass - 808Tom - Analog Vibraphone - Analog Flute Synth - Insomnia - Magnolia

Drum Kits: Gretsch Jazz Drum - BeachTowel Drum - Electro Drums - Domestic - Bungalow - 80s DrumBox - Glitched - Korg MS20

Percussive: Set of Glitch Sounds - Processed Bass Drum - Set of Bass Drums - Bongos - Grancassa - Set of Handclaps - Tiny Skin Hand drum - Tom Toms - Shaker - Dead Guitar Strokes - Muted Metal Plates - Metal Salad Bowl - Sea Container - Spokes - FX Set

Pads & Textures: Ambient - Sinus 60Hz Granular - Calm, Noise Frame - Stretched Metal - NoiseSwimmer - Bowled Texture - 50s Orchestra Stretch - Feedbacks - Noise & Digital Dust - Guitar Cloud - Crackle & Bell - Dr Mabuse

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"In conclusion, I can say that Marble is a superb instrument to quickly put cues together without compromising the impressive sound. I’m also impressed with its lightweight footprint on memory and CPU power, which is conducive to work with this library on laptops. The price may look a little high at first sight – but the speed at which it can help you come up with high quality output justifies the price in my opinion, and you should be making back the money quickly. All in all – my hat is off again to Cinematique Instruments!" -

"The thing that makes Marble stand apart from other hybrid instruments is the way that Cinematique Instruments has scripted the Effects Assignment part of the engine (or MARBLE). This allows control over different values for all 13 effects in 127 steps increments which are controlled via the modwheel. This allows for sculpting and manipulation in real time in ways I had never dreamed of before." -

"A marvellous Kontakt based synth in the form of Marble. It's got a novel approach to step sequencing." - AskAudioMag

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Please note this product requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or higher.