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The ultimate creativity generator – Audiomodern's award-winning plug-ins in one bundle

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This great value bundle features all three of Audiomodern's award-winning plug-ins – Riffer, Playbeat and the free Filterstep. These 'random generators' will provide endless inspiration for your next music projects - whatever the genre!

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Introducing Audiomodern Riffer v2, a smart MIDI sequencer that generates random Riffs for your software and hardware by combining Pitch, Duration and Velocity. 

Generate fresh ideas, sequences, melodies, riffs and musical patterns. Turn them into something of your own or let it run endlessly using the infinity mode.

Key features: 

  • Generate Random Riffs
  • Everything is Synced to your Host tempo
  • 53 Scales included from Western to Eastern
  • Choose the number of notes generated in the Sequence
  • Generate pattern Pitch, Duration & Volume per note
  • Tile or Sustain Paused Notes
  • Quick-Export MIDI pattern
  • Quick Transpose whole pattern
  • Choose Quantization settings
  • Shuffle & Shift Mode
  • Infinity Mode
  • Sequence Motion Settings
  • Choose Number of Steps
  • Customizable Sequence Range
  • Save & Load your own patterns
  • Send MIDI to any Device, Software & Hardware
  • No Two Patterns will ever be the Same
  • The only Plugin available of its Kind!

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Audiomodern Playbeat is a Creative Groove Randomizer plugin that generates unique beats and patterns for you. Unlike an ordinary step sequencer, Playbeat creates patterns using algorithmic and random procedures for generating notes by combining Steps, Pitch, Volume and more. Load, or drag-n-drop your own sounds and generate up to four patterns simultaneously to get Polyrhythms. Playbeat's unique approach to pattern creation is sure to have you finding exciting new grooves, rhythms and beats in a flash.

Key features:

  • VST/VST3/AU/AAX/iOS & Standalone
  • Generate Random Grooves
  • Syncs to Host tempo
  • Infinity Mode for Each Channel
  • Number of notes generated
  • Advanced Probability Engine
  • Load or Drag -n- Drop any Sample
  • MIDI Controllable
  • x64 & x32 bit Compatible
  • Quick Load Preset Section
  • Quantization settings
  • Quick-Copy to Channel
  • Customizable Sequence Range
  • Assign Presets to Quick-Load Section
  • No Two Patterns will Ever be the Same
  • The only Plugin available of its Kind!

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Audiomodern Filterstep is a creative motion filter plugin which offers all kinds of intricate rhythmic movement to any input in real-time.

Filterstep can give you outstanding complex and nuanced results based on various filter effect settings, and almost infinite possibilities for sonic exploration through filter randomization –  the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

You can choose between three filter types, range, frequency, quantization, sequencer movement and more.

Craft interesting patterns, or let it run endlessly using the infinity mode.

Shape any sound, into a groove.

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Lost your groove? Audiomodern's Playbeat plugin will create drum patterns for you - give it some samples and watch it do its stuff" - COMPUTER MUSIC

"It does a remarkably solid job in a way that’s (mostly) easy to understand – just fire it up and start tinkering with its minimal controls and you’ll be beguiled in no time. A versatile and effective filter that deserves high praise despite its (non) price point." - MUSIC TECH

"Riffer will pull you back from the creative brink; it will enliven your bottom end; it will pull melodies out of the ether and step-sequence a smile across your face." - Sound on Sound

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