Toontrack EZbass

The world’s most streamlined bass production tool for songwriters

Toontrack EZbass is the first bass virtual instrument of its kind with a pristine sound and fundamental features for effortlessly adding bass guitar to your songs. In short, buy EZbass and you'll be making killer bass guitar tracks in seconds!

Toontrack EZbass was designed with the same ease of use as its EZ Line siblings EZdrummer, EZkeys and EZmix. EZbass will lend you unlimited creativity in terms of arranging, composing, changing and rearranging bass parts to fit your songs. In essence, EZbass gives you a bass player at your beck and call – 24/7.

In addition to its wealth of songwriting features, EZbass also includes two fundamentally different bass sound libraries, both captured with the attention and level of detail that has made Toontrack spearhead the sampling industry for 20 years and counting.

Key Features of Toontrack EZbass


Use drum or keyboard MIDI and have EZbass automatically create matching basslines.


Alter the performance or the subtler details of the MIDI using the built-in ‘Grid Editor.’


Arrange, compose, change and rearrange – without leaving the software.


Audio to MIDI conversion based on the same technology found in Superior Drummer 3.


Comes with bass MIDI for a broad range of styles.


Two carefully sampled bass guitars – one vintage and one modern.


The concept of Toontrack's EZ Line products has been clear since day one: to give you, the songwriter, not only products that make your music sound great, but also the tools you need in order to create music. Creativity is the hallmark at the front and centre of the EZ Line design. EZbass, of course, is no different...

EZbass Add Groove feature  


Simply click the ‘Add Groove’ button to get a basic rhythm going, set the chords for your song and start crafting your performance in the ‘Grid Editor’ or find a playing style in the included MIDI to apply to your chord progression.

EZbass Tap to Find feature


Tap in the rhythm you want your bass to play using the ’Tap2Find’ feature and then have EZbass list all matching variations from its included MIDI library.

EZbass Play It Yourself


Of course, you can always take advantage of the matchless playability of EZbass and perform the bassline yourself using a MIDI controller.

EZbass use drums or keys midi


Use the drum or keyboard MIDI in your song to have EZbass automatically create a matching bassline.

Toontrack EZbass convert audio to midi


Use a previously recorded guitar, bass or rhythm performance and then have EZbass convert the audio to MIDI with its built-in ‘Audio Tracker’ feature.


The Bassics

Toontrack EZbass Bass view

The ‘Bass’ view is the default screen that launches when you start the program. It gives you the visual representation of your selected instrument, a real-time display of the bass notes being played in your performance as well as access to the ‘Effects’ and ‘Tuning’ controls.

The ’Song Track’ is static regardless of which view you’re currently in but can of course be collapsed and hidden away completely. This is your MIDI hub for anything related to organizing the layout of your song or bass performance.

From here, you can also access several fundamental features, such as:

Pointer, Pencil and Split tools – Write, slice, dice and arrange.

Add Groove – Instantaneously add a groove of pumping eighth notes.

Add/Edit Chords – Add and/or change any highlighted chord(s).

Transition – Easily add seamless transitions and slides between chords.

Replace MIDI – Keep the chords in your selected block but replace the MIDI with what you select in the ‘Grooves’ browser.

Edit Play Style – Change octave, velocity, damping, note length or the overall complexity of your rhythm using the ‘Amount’ knob.

The Grooves Tab

EZbass Grooves Tab

At the heart of EZbass is the MIDI. It includes a wealth of different playing styles for all common genres and was designed to give you the broadest possible palette of options. Ultimately, you decide how the bass performs on your song. Of course, all included MIDI can be infinitely customized – without you having to leave the program.

The Grid Editor

EZbass Grid Editor tab

Simply double-click a MIDI block in the ‘Song Track’ to enter the ‘Grid Editor.’ From there, you can alter articulations, adjust timing, fine-tune velocities, manually write parts and much more. 

Drums & Keys

EZbass Drums and Keys tab

Have a drum or keyboard MIDI file that you need a matching bassline for? Just drag and drop it in EZbass and it will automatically create a matching performance. This is extremely powerful for getting a good starting point, quick and easy. It's like magic!

The Audio Tracker

Toontrack EZbass Audio Tracker

Turn anything into a bass. Well, almost at least! The ‘Audio Tracker’ was designed to mainly handle monophonic guitar or bass audio, but it also has a deep understanding for rhythmic material. In effect, this means you can use an already recorded guitar, bass or percussive performance, import it to EZbass and have it seamlessly ‘translate’ it to MIDI that you can continue to perfect using the tools available in the software. You can even record your own audio, right inside EZbass!

The Sounds

EZbass includes two fundamentally different instruments, both picked to complement one another and paint the broadest possible sonic scope. Each bass was sampled with the same attention to detail and quality that has made Toontrack spearhead the drum sampling industry for 20 years and counting.

EZbass The Modern Bass

The ‘Modern’ sound library features an Alembic* bass, a high-end American brand endorsed by many top players around the world. It was captured with both fingers, pick and slap options.

When we started the EZbass project, we were looking for an instrument that could produce the most versatile and well- rounded tone possible,” comments Magnus Melkersson, EZbass lead R&D technician. “We scoured the market and tried dozens of basses before we finally landed on this one. I have played bass all my life and I have personally never come across an instrument more dynamic, expressive or full of life than this one. It truly is a beautiful instrument that embodies the entire frequency range you need in a bass. It was the perfect choice for the ‘Modern’ library.”

One thing that particularly sets this instrument apart from other basses is the pickups – single-coils with an active hum-cancelling coil mounted in between. This gives the instrument the tonal single-coil characteristics but leaves out any inherent noise. Both the bridge and neck pickups were sampled separately, allowing you to use each pickup separately or seamlessly blend between them. In other words, it’s literally like having two basses in one.

EZbass The Vintage Bass

The ‘Vintage’ library features a classic Fender* Jazz bass, an instrument used across all genres since the 1960s and one that still to this day remains one of the world’s most iconic bass guitars.

As a contrast to the ‘Modern’ bass, we wanted an instrument that was fundamentally different in all aspects – from tone, frequency range and pickups to overall feel,” says Ulf Edlund, one of the lead EZbass sound designers. “This bass has a completely different set of harmonics compared to the ‘Modern.’ Although it sits perfectly in any pop, rock or even metal track, it truly shines in any context that calls for something more mellow. I would pick this bass over anything else for a jazz, blues or country song.”

This bass was hot-wired to offer the same type of flexibility with the pickup options as the ‘Modern’ bass, meaning you can use each pickup separately or seamlessly blend between them.

The Articulations 

EZbass The Articulations


EZbass delivers the most all-encompassing set of articulations you need in order to produce stunningly real performances for anything from subtle jazz to extreme metal. The main tools of the ‘Modern’ bass include fingers, pick and slap while the ‘Vintage’ bass includes fingers and pick.

The Presets

With EZbass, a great tone is merely a mouse slap away. The presets in EZbass cover a broad range of expertly crafted tones based on amp and cab simulation as well as on the same complex network of effects used behind the scenes in all EZ Line products.

Take Control

Each preset has a number of controls that you can use to fine-tune the intensity of the processing. First, each pickup on the selected bass has its own continuously variable level control, allowing you to define the perfect balance between the neck and bridge pickups for your mix.

Second, the preset-dependent processing controls give you the flexibility to dial in the overall tone of the bass sound. These seemingly simple controls are linked to any number of sound processing actions behind the scenes, meaning that multiple EQ adjustments, dynamic characteristics and other effects can all be tied to a single knob for the user.

In addition, each control offers ‘MIDI Learn,’ ‘MIDI Learn Reversed’ and ‘Bind to CC’ options. This will allow you to automate and customize the bass sound throughout the course of a mix.

Already have a favourite bass signal chain in your DAW? Simply use the DI (direct in) presets and take advantage of the multi-sampled detail that EZbass provides with your series of chosen processors.


Another powerful and not-so-subtle option in terms of sound is the ’Sub-Bass’ control. This knob adds and controls the levels of two synthesized sine tones to each note and was implemented in order to add both fullness and definition to the overall tone of the instrument. This can also be routed out on a separate track for individual processing in your DAW using the ‘Multi-Out’ option. The same routing option applies to the DI tone, giving you full flexibility to shape, mold and hone your tone using any chain of processing.

EZbass Presets Modern Library

EZbass Presets Vintage Library

The Audio Demos

Check out the audio player for demos of the Modern and Vintage sound libraries, articulations and full production demos which are played in the following order...

Full Production Demos

1. EZbass - Arena Pop - Modern - Clean Dynamic Pick

2. EZbass - Country - Finger - 1970s Rock Amp Preset

3. EZbass - Metal - Modern - Nasty Metal Preset

The Modern Sound Library

4. Modern - Finger - Deep and Bright Preset

5. Modern - Finger - Multi FX Preset

6. Modern - Picked - Firm Distortion Preset

7. Modern - Slap - Funk King Preset

The Vintage Sound Library

8. Vintage - Finger - Pure Analog Preset

9. Vintage - Finger - Vintage Combo

10. Vintage - Finger - Vintage Effects

11. Vintage - Picked - Combo Pick Preset

12. Vintage - Picked - Mid Scoop Preset


13. Articulation Medley - Modern - Finger (DI)

14. Articulation Medley - Modern - Picked (DI)

15. Articulation Medley - Vintage - Finger (DI)

16. Articulation Medley - Vintage - Picked (DI)

17. Down, Up and Alternating Pick strokes (DI)

18. Ghost and Percussive notes (DI)

19. Grace notes (DI)

20. Index, Middle and Alternating fingers (DI)

21. Slide (DI)

22. Slide in and out (DI)

23. Slide Legato (DI)


Media Reviews


“Toontrack says that EZbass was years in the making—and the verdict is that it was worth the wait. The entire experience is extremely elegant, intuitive, and effective. 

EZbass shines as a virtual instrument alone. The groove engine is sophisticated, and it’s ultimately your call how much you want to use the in-built grooves literally or as starting points for tailoring to your heart’s content. While the functionality for deriving bass lines from Tap2Find, audio, or MIDI isn’t always perfect, the worst-case scenario of getting into the general ballpark for some tweaking is also a huge time saver. Any way you cut it, EZbass delivers a serious leg up in crafting convincing virtual bass performances at a good value.

Toontrack EZbass provides a powerful reminder of the attitude, energy, and subtle nuances that an accomplished bassist can bring to tracks. Moreover, it delivers those qualities in the box with aplomb.”


"In the teaser materials for EZbass, Toontrack have emphasised EZbass's role as a 'tool for songwriters'. If anything, I think this perhaps undersells its appeal. Yes, for solo songwriters looking to make release-quality recordings, EZbass will undoubtedly tick a lot of boxes. However, whether it's bedroom producers, media composers or high-flying producers who, for whatever reason, can't get access to their usual bass session player, EZbass is going to be a very attractive option.

Oh, and one final point: the price. I did a complete double take when I saw just where Toontrack had pitched this product; it is an absolute no-brainer bargain. Toontrack have completely knocked it out the park with EZbass. It is brilliant and will sell by the bucketload.” - Sound on Sound


"They say that no single software instrument can be all things to all people. What one person loves about a plug-in, another hates. And vice versa. I think EZ Bass does have something for everyone. For the beginner, it will hold your hand all the way. Drag and drop an audio or MIDI guitar or piano part, and EZ Bass will do the rest. If you want to customize it, you can quickly start with the knobs and menus if you are uncomfortable editing the actual notes. 

For more experienced users, it's easy to access all the articulations when programming your parts. As a not inexperienced programmer, I have to say that with the proper input, EZ Bass provided me with exciting parts I would not have thought up on my own, replete with perfectly placed articulations. I will not be ignoring this aspect of EZ Bass when I use it." - 


"The technology behind Toontrack’s plug-ins remains incredibly clever, which won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has used the Swedish maker’s products before. The company has a convincing track record for accessible and intuitive but complex, in-depth and powerful plug-ins. EZBass falls into all those categories too.

Perhaps best of all, though the level of control available through MIDI is impressive, it’s also possible to play in audio via a live instrument, which can then be converted to MIDI, even compensating for inflection and articulation.

Many solo musicians and otherwise find themselves in need of bass guitar. If you’re one of them, and you like that low end to wind around tasty grooves, EZBass will be a huge boon to your collection." -


"I love the way Toontrack have built EZbass it is super easy to use. It works smoothly and seamlessly for both songwriters and producers." -


"There are several other virtual bass instruments out there that sound amazing, but the groove creation options on offer in EZbass make this one my first choice for creating excellent sounding songs quickly and easily." Read our review here


Time+Space First Look Walkthrough

The Bass Tab

The Grooves Tab

The Grid Editor

The Drums & Keys Tab

The Audio Tracker Tab

EZbass Reviews 

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Oh, and one final point: the price. I did a complete double take when I saw just where Toontrack had pitched this product; it is an absolute no-brainer bargain. Toontrack have completely knocked it out the park with EZbass. It is brilliant and will sell by the bucketload.” - Sound on Sound

"I love the way Toontrack have built EZbass it is super easy to use. It works smoothly and seamlessly for both songwriters and producers." - Sample Library Review

“EZBass sounds sensational right out of the box but, spend some time programming your own material, and you’ll be rewarded off-the-charts realism.”Music Tech

"They say that no single software instrument can be all things to all people. What one person loves about a plug-in, another hates. And vice versa. I think EZ Bass does have something for everyone." -

“Toontrack EZbass provides a powerful reminder of the attitude, energy, and subtle nuances that an accomplished bassist can bring to tracks. Moreover, it delivers those qualities in the box with aplomb.” - Jeff Burger (Synth and Software)

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Virtual Instrument

Product Specs:

Windows System Requirements:

  • 5 GB of free hard disk space
  • 64-bit Windows 7 or newer
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or more recommended).

Mac System Requirements: 

  • macOS 10.9 or higher
  • 5 GB of free hard disk space
  • 64-bit Mac with 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or more recommended).

64-bit host (with support for VST, AU or AAX). Standalone is included.