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All three virtual bassists at one great price - Shipping 6th December!

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New technology, new basses, deeper sampling, AI modelling realism and much more. Nothing less than the best virtual session bass player ever made: Stunningly realistic performances and the best gear from bass to amp to speakers to effects to mix.

Now available for pre-order: Three distinct Virtual Bassists covering all kinds of styles and tastes:

       Virtual Bassist Rowdy



A loud-mouthed, rebellious sound and angry playing style. This is precisely what you need if you want it to be heard between heavy drums and guitar walls. It can purr, but it's built to roar. With a hand-selected, specially modified vintage bass guitar, hot amps, a fuzz box and even an octaver.  

       UJAM Virtual Bassist Royal


Royal plays well in any musical style, but mainly acoustic and electric songs, bands and arrangements. From a super-soft round tone for ballads to enough edge and drive to support a good rock song - Royal provides a wide range of studio bass sounds. And it knows how to play them if you don't!

       UJAM Virtual Bassist Mellow


At the heart of it is a meticulously recorded acoustic double bass, played with soul and feel, implanted in a virtual instrument adding realism, behaviour and a player who knows his stuff. Smooth and elegant, with the odd noise here and there. At home as a subtle foundation in a jazz trio as well as a powerful second voice in hip-hop.

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