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Create evolving atmospheric pads and pulses with a rich brassy core

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DRONAR Brass is the seventh module in Gothic Instruments’ hugely popular atmosphere creation series for Kontakt and brings a distinctively different sound to the product line.

Despite beginning its journey as recordings of a concert brass group in an English church hall, with DRONAR Brass what you DON’T get is a brass sample library. What you DO get are organic, evolving atmospheric pads and pulses with a rich brassy core that can convey a mood of peace as well as heroism. A soundtrack from a steampunk brasstopia where synths are made of brass and run on steam power...

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  • Expressive and innovative atmospheric sound creator
  • Includes 248 .nki presets 
  • Total library size: 5.91GB compressed from 9GB of audio
  • Developed for the full (paid for) version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher 
  • Evolving, rich and complex pads and textures that would otherwise take hours to create 
  • Sounds range from breathtakingly majestic to ethereal and uplifting 
  • The perfect companion with DRONAR Live Strings for enhanced orchestral colours
  • Highly suitable for movie, tv and video game soundtracks 
  • Great for electronic and pop music
  • Expert and beginner friendly 
  • 6 pages of simple controls deliver massive control 
  • Create your own rhythm patterns in amongst the pad magic with the Rhythm Editor
  • Dive deeper with DRONAR's unique independent arpeggiators
  • Onboard FX provide further sound design options


The titles in the DRONAR series have repeatedly received 5 star reviews from Sound on Sound magazine as well as widespread acclaim from other press outlets, and the users themselves. DRONAR Brass is set to continue that success with its ability to quickly create a complete piece of atmospheric, expressive music with just the press of a few keys…


The audio for the DRONAR Brass module was recorded with a concert brass group in a church hall in Northern England, after which it was heavily processed and looped. Once fed into DRONAR's glorious award-winning engine, and animated by its independent arpeggiators and modulations these textures take on a further dramatic new life.

The result is organic, evolving atmospheric pads, textures and pulses with a rich brassy core - a futuristic world of brass, if you will.

Take a listen to the demos - each has a 'dressed' version, followed by the naked/DRONAR-only version.


From breathtakingly majestic to ethereal and uplifting, suspenseful to relaxing…

DRONAR Brass is useful for any project that requires interesting atmospheric pads - from electronic music and pop music to film and media jobs.

The brass texture lends itself to warm, rich sounds and can convey a mood of peace as well as heroism and will blend well with the DRONAR Live Strings module to give enhanced orchestral colours.

Furthermore, DRONAR Brass is both beginner and expert friendly… Needing to only play a few notes and move a few dials to get such rich expression is inviting for newcomers to the DRONAR series, but an expert will get further by knowing which notes to play and how to express emotions using the dials.

Beyond the shimmering immediacy of the 'Main Page' awaits a whole other world of expert control, turning DRONAR into a vast modular multi-timbral synth/sampler with multiple independent arpeggiators.

Interactions between crazy internal modulations (rhythm sequencer, arpeggiator, LFOs and delays) take DRONAR Brass into another dimension…


DRONAR creates mind-expanding atmospheres from a very small number of notes played. It automatically spreads out the chord in the mid-range, adds a root bass note, a high note and then adds evolving sound effects. 8 simultaneous different sounds are then animated with LFOs, a rhythm sequencer and arpeggiators to bring them to life. The results are rich and dramatic.

  1. Send Me Away (Dressed) by Vinko Borcic
  2. Send Me Away (Naked) by Vinko Borcic
  3. Tales of Brassania (Naked) by Ingo Wegener
  4. Tales of Brassania (Dressed) by Ingo Wegener
  5. The Majesty of Steam (Dressed) by Jonathan Sharp
  6. The Majesty of Steam (Naked) by Jonathan Sharp

"These Dronar modules sound even richer, more menacing and atmospheric than the original one did two years ago. They really do represent excellent value too, especially for the sonic manipulation options that you get." - Music Tech, Rating: 9/10 Click here to read the review in full

THE CONTROLS - download the manual for full details

Main Page

Hear the immediate impact on the sound and get a good understanding of the way DRONAR works simply by tweaking the six dials on the main page…

INTENSITY DIAL (also controlled by the Mod Wheel) takes you from silent to powerful by fading up through different velocity layers.

MOVEMENT DIAL has a global effect on the intensity of the arpeggiators - set it high for strong effects and zero for a flat pad sound.

HI, MID and LO DIALS control the automatically generated high notes, mid-range notes and bass notes. Moving these dials has a huge expressive effect on the music. It's only like using a mixing desk and yet - having it so accessible in front of you encourages you to work with the balance as part of the original creative expression, instead of a mix decision later on.

FX DIAL controls the level of 20-second futuristic, unpitched sound effects loops in the mix and adds instant movement and complexity.

Dive deeper…

The Expert Page

The Expert Page shows you all the settings for the current, last played Drone from the 12 Drone Keys. Each drone has four layers - FX, HI, MID, LO, and the Expert page presents a separate set of controls for each layer, like a rack of four synths, or four mixing desk channels. Each layer consists of two different sounds.

Need some inspiration? Hit the 'Randomize samples' button on the Expert Page and DRONAR will keep all your settings but instantly swap the samples in the 8-named sound slots (2 per layer). New sound variations will abound and if it's not quite the sound you're after, keep hitting the button for more. Want to thicken up your sound? Each layer has a THICK button which adds in extra notes. Hearing the sound you want? Easily save the settings with the 'Store Drone' button.

LFO & FX Page

Add movement to your sound, including panning, vibrato or siren effects with the LFO settings. Or tweak the Drone Effects to distort or dampen the sound, or add thickness, interest and colour. Reverb and Delay sends can also be controlled from this page.

Arpeggiator Page

Get sounds really moving or pulsing over time, synced to your DAW's host Tempo with DRONAR's multiple and truly unique independent arpeggiators including PITCH, INTENSITY and FILTER.

PITCH: Whereas other arpeggiators re-trigger the note at every step, DRONAR's pitch arpeggiator plays all the notes that you are holding down but cross-fades between them. This is like having the different notes of a chord all going through different channels on a mixing desk, then turning the faders in succession to create the impression of an arpeggio. The beauty of this approach is that you can choose how strong the arpeggiator is.

INTENSITY: Where other arpeggiators control the volume of a sound, the INTENSITY arpeggiator is more expressive by controlling the dynamic velocity layer of the sound. It is as if the values you set here are moving the Mod Wheel up and down in a pattern, fading up and down between soft and intense samples.

Rhythm Editor Page

Live brass rhythm samples were performed live for a natural sound where no two adjacent notes are exactly the same and they therefore have a certain flow compared to triggers of single samples. They were also recorded at 3 dynamics (soft, medium, loud) allowing you to accent your rhythms using the Mod Wheel to fade between dynamics.

The Rhythm Editor page allows you to change the patterns of the rhythm samples. Under the hood, the DRONAR engine is creating your new patterns in real-time by jumping around the original loops and playing different sections of them in a different order.

Master FX Page
DRONAR's Master FX page features standard effects including EQ, Compressor, Delay and Gate. DRONAR also includes a couple of digital (algorithmic) reverbs and a set of convolution impulses including some creative and unusual impulses for sound design - again, experimentation is the key!


Download Size (RAR files):

  • Parts 1-5: 1GB each
  • Part 6: 108MB

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Customer Reviews


Press Quotes

I have to say there is something very modern, very contemporary about this module. These are the types of sounds I’m hearing this week in the theatre.” -

I really enjoyed playing with it. The patches were right up my alley. They’re strong, confident sounds, some with a lovely sparkly top end.” – Reuben Cornell, The Samplecast

Brass has always been one of my favorite textures to experiment with. This VST runs the gamut, from soft, round and mellow to bright and sharp. Another wonder addition to the Dronar family.” - 2-time BAFTA award-winning composer Jason Graves (Moss, Far Cry Primal, Tomb Raider, Dead Space).

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Sample Library


  • Kontakt files

Product Specs:

System Requirements
  • Kontakt files for fully purchased Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher
  • Will not work in the free Kontakt Player  



  1. Send Me Away (Dressed) by Vinko Borcic
  2. Send Me Away (Naked) by Vinko Borcic
  3. Tales of Brassania (Naked) by Ingo Wegener
  4. Tales of Brassania (Dressed) by Ingo Wegener
  5. The Majesty of Steam (Dressed) by Jonathan Sharp
  6. The Majesty of Steam (Naked) by Jonathan Sharp