Sound Yeti Ambition Bundle

Capture breathtaking emotion and deep intensity with awe inspiring ease

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Exclusive to Time+Space you can now get Sound Yeti's Ambition synth plus Dawn, Dusk, Wave, Artifact and Relic expansion libraries all in one bundle at an unmissable price - all expansions are pre-installed so you can start exploring and tweaking right away!

Tell your story with sound like never before with timeless soundscapes, emotion-filled pads, evolving textures, colourful rhythms, elemental keys, and experimental undertones.

Sound Yeti’s Ambition virtual instrument doubles as a sampler and a powerful, versatile synth for the free Kontakt Player. With its straightforward, sleek interface, plus delays, IR reverbs, custom performance controls and not forgetting thousands of chromatic samples, the Ambition Bundle is a perfect solution if you're looking to create breathtaking sounds that will move and mesmerise your listeners.

The Sound Yeti Bundle includes...

Sound Yeti Ambition

Sound Yeti Ambition is a virtual instrument powered by the free Kontakt Player that delivers big ambient oriented sounds with a powerful and versatile synth engine. Capture breathtaking emotion and deep intensity with awe-inspiring ease. 

Ambition imagines a new harmony between music composition and visual production. Explore a panoramic trail to undiscovered and timeless soundscapes, emotion-filled pads, evolving textures, anamorphic rhythms, elemental keys, and experimental undertones.


  • Powerful synth engine built on Kontakt 6
  • A/B channel dexterity & agile channel exchange
  • Full-featured LFOs per channel, with syncing & core waveforms
  • Proprietary LFO visual display
  • Expressive X-Y performance effects: Sculpt, Breath, Echoes
  • Per channel ADSR envelopes
  • 8 effects per channel
  • Intuitive sample browser menu for easy navigation
  • Sound Yeti curated sounds for all types of music production
  • Employs Kontakt's powerful FX
  • Includes KONTAKT 6 Player – Nothing else to buy


Sound Yeti Ambition is an instrument you want to play. Easy on the eyes, the ultra sleek heads-up display belies the duplicitous super power of Ambition’s core. The big picture sound alone captivates your imagination. And with the power to inspire, inform and accelerate your creative drive, there’s no such thing as writer's block with Ambition.

You can tell your story with sound like never before. Beautifully matched with Native Instruments NKS performance controls KOMPLETE Kontrol or MASCHINE, musicians composers and audio artists of every stature will find a new lens for their musical vision, from the first note played.

Big Picture Sound

Made for the musically adventurous. Ambition inspires new vistas of musical expression, and you become the sonic pioneer. Explore a panoramic trail to undiscovered and timeless soundscapes, emotion filled pads, evolving textures, anamorphic rhythms, elemental keys and experimental undertones.

225 performance presets based on a core of 250 uniquely sampled instruments are stored on board to jumpstart your journey. Discover your own big picture sound with proprietary LFOs, EQ, compression, distortion, Lo-Fi, saturation, chorus, delay and 25 custom IR reverbs. Add even more vivid colours and tonal dimensions with Sculpt, Breath and Echoes, Ambition’s distinctive X-Y control performance effects.

Double Focus Dexterity

The key to Ambition’s drive is dexterity – with a double dealing mixing architecture presenting two sides of equal yet distinct versatility. Elegantly separate, swap, split, merge, detach or bypass any effect or LFO from channel to channel. Complex and multidimensional, this interplay between channels produces extraordinary and expressive harmonic elements.

Masterful Modulation

Easily layer, shape (ADSR), texture and tune, mold and mix your sounds into a masterful performance without ever breaking a sweat. Discover your own big picture sound with responsive LFOs, EQ, compression, distortion, Lo-Fi, saturation, chorus, delay and 25 custom IR reverbs.

Command Performance

Add even more vivid colours and tonal dimensions to any sound with Sculpt, Breath and Echoes, Ambition’s proprietary and distinctive X-Y control performance effects. Enough to earn you a curtain call.

The Ambition bundle also includes...

Sound Yeti Relic - Ambition Expansion Pack

A foundational collection of dramatic and expressive film scoring presets derived from modern hybrid sample sources for Sound Yeti's Ambition.

Relic includes a blend of evolving synths and tranquil pads ranging from calm & subtle to lush and grimy. 70 presets evoke feelings of longing, searching, curiosity, tension and resolution. Core samples of unconventionally processed analog instruments bring fresh perspectives to Ambition. Relic is sweet pack of cinematic flavour perfect for professional music scoring. 


Sound Yeti Dusk - Ambition Expansion Pack

The darker companion of the Dawn expansion pack for Sound Yeti Ambition, Dusk is a sample collection engineered with powerful modular synth presets, analog synths and outboard gear to create core sample sources that evoke longing, solitude, apprehension and foreboding.

Dusk includes aggressive timbres mixed in for a sound palette that can set the scene for almost any pop music or scoring assignment.

Sound Yeti Dawn - Ambition Expansion Pack

Sound Yeti Dawn is a collection of warm and emotive melodic presets made from bold sample sources for Sound Yeti's Ambition

Dawn is an illuminating musical experience and includes a blend of rising and strong hybrid scoring essentials. Dark pads, expressive textures, designed synths, experimental keys, lush modular rhythmics and ambient cinematic sounds round out this hybrid expansion sound pack for Ambition.

Sound Yeti Wave Ambition expansion pack

Sound Yeti Wave - Ambition Expansion Pack

Sound Yeti Wave includes a blend of lush bass & synth leads accompanied by emotive pads and motions.

70 presets from 60 discreet sample sources get you inspired to take a new look at 80’s synth music. You can hear pop anthems, power ballads, epic keyboard solos and maybe even the keyboards in a big hair band.

Sound Yeti Artifact Ambition pack

Sound Yeti Artifact - Ambition Expansion Pack

Artifact extends the power of Ambition into the creative processing of acoustic and organic source samples – producing a rich, naturally gritty and beautifully earthy sound collection.

Combined with Ambition’s sophisticated effects processing units and proprietary performance controls, you are sure to find boundless creativity with this expansion sound pack.



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    Press Quotes

    "You can use it to inject depth and texture to any soundtrack or score. It includes a lot of usable sounds that are ready for production. The presets are not too crazy complex, and room is left for user tweaking. The Evolving and Texture sounds are really great as they provide instant inspiration when you’re having a composer’s block. The Keys are good for song starters as well. Good stuff!" -

    "The Pads and Textures are reminiscent of some of the best Omnisphere libraries and are highly moving and inspirational, definitely on a level that few Kontakt libraries have been able to achieve." -

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    • Kontakt library

    Product Specs:

    System Requirements 

    Minimum System Requirements:

    • KONTAKT Player Or KONTAKT 6 Full Version 6.2.2 or higher
    • MacOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update), i5, 4 GB RAM
    • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM

    Recommended System Requirements

    • Mac OS X 10.12 and higher (latest update), 8 GB RAM Intel Core i5 or i7, i9
    • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 8 GB RAM