Rob Papen Punch 2

Combines sampled and synthesized drums in a high quality percussive instrument

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Rob Papen Punch 2 continues the Punch legacy as a cutting edge virtual drum machine… with lots of extra punch! The original Punch virtual drum machine combined professionally designed drum samples with a built-in pattern sequencer to enable quick and easy sound design. Now, with even more drum synthesis models added and a fresh re-designed main screen, Punch 2 allows you to take your virtual drum kit design to new heights.

Rob Papen Punch 2 Highlights

As well as extra samples and a fresh new look, the interface and synthesis sound options have been expanded greatly on the Punch 2 update. You can now import you own samples and REX files, allowing you to create unique loops with whatever samples you like.

Map out REX files or samples slices to individual pads and combine them with Punch 2’s sounds and pattern sequencer for ultimate usability and creative possibilities.

Use the many additional features for further editing of REX files and Sliced pads - that includes filters, envelopes, routing into one of the 4 FX modules and even using granular synthesis on the REX and Slice pads!

Feature-wise there is almost too much to mention here! For instance, there is a full new ‘Master’ section with EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Stereo/mono split filter, and layout mixer. Last but not least, Punch-2 also comes with a vast amount of included sounds, ready to groove into your music and productions!


Punch 2 Features

    • NEW sleek interface with a 24 pad main page layout
    • NEW pad colour option available in two modes. Global or per drumkit preset.
    • NEW import your own samples and REX files to turn into your own loops
    • NEW Master FX section with hands on controls
    • In depth advanced page featuring brand NEW synthesis engines such as additive and string synthesis + 28 filter types, customer user waves and a dedicated click/noise section.
    • Hundreds of NEW samples from professional sound designers including Ian Boddy, Xenos Soundworks and Davide Carbone.
    • 4 step sequences with NEW ‘audition’ feature that allows users to preview kits and samples on the fly
    • 4 separate FX modules with 31 in-depth effects to choose from
    • Includes Punch BD virtual bass drum synthesiser engine
    • Over 900 Drum Kits
    • Over 2500 Drum presets (presets for various drum types)
    • Over 1300 pre-installed HQ Samples
    • Over 400 intergraded HQ Samples
    • Over 150 pre-installed LOOPS/REX files


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    • 24-PAD Drum synthesizer for PC and Mac. 64bit AU/VST/AAX
    • Separate Stereo and Multi-output versions installed upon installation.
    • Punch-BD also included upon installation
    • GUI size options: 100%, 150% and 200%
    • New Main Page for quick and easy editing for all pads.
    • Freely selectable mode for each pad. These are from a choice of model, sample based or
      based on Slices/REX.
    • Each pad has a ‘distortion module’ with 19 different types.

    Drum Models:
    4 BD models
    2 SN models
    3 HH models
    2 Tom models
    3 Clap models
    14 Percussion models including String and Additive synthesis
    3 User waves for various models

    Built-in samples for pads:
    BD, SNARE, HH, Clap, Tom, and User
    over 400 integrated HQ samples

    Sample pad:
    Drag and drop feature
    Each sample pad can work with 3 sample layers at once.
    Velocity Split, Mix and Alternate play modes.
    Sample pad has a multimode filter, pitch envelope and LFO built in for each sample.
    Granular mode available with size, random and length features.
    Over 1300 pre-installed HQ samples 

    Slice pad:
    Slice a sample into the pads.
    Slice modes are 'equal', 'automatically' and 'tempo based'
    Granular mode available with size, random and length feature.
    Filter and AMP envelope for each Slice pad.
    REX file import.
    MIDI file export for slice pads
    Over 150 pre-installed Slices and REX files.
    Pattern page:
    8 Sequences (grooves and breaks) available, each containing 4 tracks.
    Audition menu, which allows to combine the 8 sequences including Slice/REX loop play (if active)
    Extract to MIDI feature for the pattern sequences.
    Each track has additional features like 'tune', ‘pan’ and 'envelope speed'.
    Master page:
    4 band EQ with 'parallel EQ'
    High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter (12dB).
    Mono/Stereo filter.
    Easy page:
    15 sliders to control all 24 pads to add some creative and dynamic changes to a drum kit.

    FX Page:
    4 FX processors with different path options and a brand new mixer mode.

    31 different FX types: Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Tape Delay, Comb Filter, HQ Reverb, Chorus, Tape Chorus, Chorus /Delay, Flanger, Tape Flanger, Ensemble, Phaser, Analog Phaser, Distortion, Multi Distort, Low-Fi, Amp Sim, Cabinet, Waveshaper, Clipper, Widener, AutoPan, Gator, Ring-Mod, Filter, WahWah Delay, AutoWah, Equalizer, Compressor, Noise-Gate, Freq Shift. 

    Bank manager:
    Bank manager to manage all 'kit presets', 'drum presets' and 'patterns'.

    Click the player above to hear the following demos...

    1. Bank: dance01 - call - 120bpm-MP

    2. Bank: Filmscore&TV 01 - D-Zone 03 - 100bpm 

    3. Bank: Filmscore&TV 01 - Punchero - 97bpm

    4. Bank: HipHop&RnB 01 - HipHop Sun 01 - 83bpm

    5. Bank: Jomal01 - FilthyLucre - 125bpm

    6. Bank: JomMal02 - BlackStar - 125bpm

    7. Bank: JomMal02 - KuManji - 100bpm

    8. Bank: JomMal02 - Putzel - 90bpm

    9. Bank: Trap01 - Trap-a-zoid JoMal - 70bpm

    10. Bank: Voltage D 1inchTechno - 1inchTechno 17 - 121bpm

    Media Reviews for the original version of Punch

    "Rob Papen has created a virtual synthesiser that oozes quality in every respect. The sounds are awesome, the user interface looks great, it's easy to learn and fast to use." – DJ magazine

    "It's sleek urban orientated sounds allied to the versatile filters of the synth section and the comprehensive effects pretty much makes it a must if you are producing contemporary music." – Playmusic Pickup mag

    "I give Punch 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s really a straight forward and fun to use drum synth that has tons of character and a really heavy sound." -

    "...the tricks that you can produce here in mere seconds would take hours of careful editing within a DAW. Punch comes thoroughly recommended." -

    "Very cool and most of all, it delivers very fast results! Instant creativity. Easy to use and simply has a great sound." - Armin van Buuren

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    Customer Reviews

    Press Quotes

    "There is no doubt that punch 2 is a classy and hefty performer, being packed to the brim with great content. It will excel in all areas where electronic drums sounds will be required, especially if you like to dive in and tweak presets, or even better, starting with one of the many drum models that will ultimately throw up unique and different percussive sounds." - Dave Gale (MusicTech) 

    "It's clear that a huge amount of time has gone into making the drums sound crisp, punchy and lush." – Computer Music reviews Punch 1 (Rating 9/10)

    "I wasn't disappointed. It brings deeper than expected drum synthesis, uncomplicated sample playback and better than average effects to the world of drum machines, and all for a good price." - Sound on Sound reviews Punch 1

    "Punch is a versatile source of original content excelling in rhythmic programming and drum creation." - Future Music review Punch 1

    Tech Specs

    Product Type:

    Virtual Instrument

    Product Specs:

    System Requirements

    Mac System Requirements

    • Mac OSX 10.9 or higher
    • 32 & 64 bit

    Windows System Requirements

    • Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
    • 32 & 64 bit

    Serial/license system, 2nd serial for 2nd computer/laptop are available after you have registering the product’s original serial/license.