Rob Papen eXplorer 6 EDUCATION

The ultimate virtual synth and effects plugin collection.

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The Rob Papen product line in one collection of 26 titles with 15000 + presets....

Rob Papen is one of the world's leading sound designers and over the last decade, he has released a series of multi-award winning high-quality software plug-ins which have become essential tools for many of the world's leading music producers. Now you can purchase the whole Rob Papen collection in one single package - eXplorer 5.

  • 17 Virtual Synths including the recently released Punch 2.
  • 9 Effects Plugins and a Sampler including the recently released XY-Transfer
  • Over 15000 presets
  • Powerful cutting edge features
  • Save 65% - Only £415 for software with a combined value of over £2000
  • Extensive upgrade options for existing Rob Papen customers

Combining all 17 Rob Papen virtual synths plus the company's 8 critically acclaimed effects plug-ins and 1 sampler, eXplorer 6 provides all the tools you need for contemporary music production including thousands of rich, complex, track-ready presets created by Rob Papen and guest artists including acclaimed DnB artists Noisia and Junkie XL.

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Rob Papen Vecto

Virtual Four-oscillator Vector Synth with over 1100 Presets. 
    Rob Papen Predator 2 
The Synth that hunts your tracks.
 Rob Papen Blue 2
Cross-fusion synthesis at its finest.
 Rob Papen Go2
The power of limitations.
 Rob Papen Blade 2
The cutting edge of today's synthesizers.
 Rob Papen Punch 2
Speaker busting and body rattling drum machine.
 Rob Papen Punch BD
Based around the BD module of the multi award winning Punch virtual drum synth, Rob Papen delivers a creative module to help you to produce the fattest sounding bass drums.
Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2
Ultimate bass synthesizer.
 Rob Papen Rhythm Guitar Synth
Electric and acoustic guitar grooves including sequencer and synth effects.
 Rob Papen Raw
Cutting edge EDM synthesizer with the focus on 'distorted sounds'
Rob Papen Prisma
Get creative using Rob Papen's take on instrument layering.
 Rob Papen RAW-Kick
Edgy Kicks for contemporary music.
 Rob Papen PredatorFX
Filter, modulation, vocoder and effects plug-in.
 Rob Papen RP Distort
Wicked FX unit that will distort or alter your tracks.
 Rob Papen RP Delay
Delay insanity. reverser, 6 lines, 8 filters, 4 LFOs & more
 Rob Papen RP Verb 2
Most intriguing in RP-VERB 2 – alongside the great sound – is the new Reverser section.
 Rob Papen RP-AMOD
Spice up your vocal track, liven an instrument and even beef up your drums.
 Rob Papen RP-EQ
Silky smooth sounding channel and mastering EQ.
Rob Papen MasterMagic
Adds a touch of magic for your Mix or Master.
RP Reverse

RP Reverse
A creative FX plugin for reversing and manipulating sounds

A pure  analogue modelled synthesiser


Filter Bank- with 36 different Filter types & XY panel


Offers vast modulation possibilities for a huge and versatile sonic palette


NOTE: inside this bundle are also the original Predator, Blade, SubBoomBass, Punch, to be compatible with your older songs.

"SubBoomBass is essential for anyone making Dance music– Future Music

"Predator a true master of all trades – basses, pads, leads, FX, drums… you name it." - Future Music

"Go2's sequencer section is a gift for those working in the EDM field. And if you love textural sounds that move and evolve, there's a lot to love." - Sound on Sound

"A thoroughly modern delay plug-in with a great sound and a feature set that's arguably unmatched." - Computer Music (Rating 10/10)

"It's clear that a huge amount of time has gone into making the drums sound crisp, punchy and lush." – Computer Music (Rating 9/10)

"At turns lush, deep, comlpex and alive, or biting, aggressive and modern – sonically, Blue II is beyond reproach. Blue II is a truly sophisticated synth, offering endless programming possibilities, and whether you're upgrading or buying new, it´s worth every penny and then some." - Computer Music (Rating 9/10)

"I love the way Blade allows you to create modern and old skool sounds by reinventing the way a synth can be programmed. The modulation abilities are fantastic and the sound quality goes well beyond the usual soft synths. Very easy to create synced bass lines and rich phasing pads. The XY pad allows amazing morphability. Blade really does provide you with infinite possibilities." - Davide Carbone, DnB Pioneer

"Very cool and most of all, it delivers very fast results! Instant creativity. Easy to use and simply has a great sound." - Armin van Buuren

"Master Rob has done it again! I'm blown away from the sounds and the sound quality..u don't have to touch a knob if u don't want too sounds are thick, clean, wide and there's patches for every Genre! I won't do anotha track without it!" - Tim & Bob (Funktwons)

"Rob Papen has succeeded to create a cool synth that will fit just perfect into any electronic music producer arsenal. Easy to use, ingenious, suitable for many musical styles, Blue II can become your favorite synth to make your next hits." (Rating 9.7/10)

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"SubBoomBass is essential for anyone making Dance music– Future Music

"Predator a true master of all trades – basses, pads, leads, FX, drums… you name it." - Future Music

"A thoroughly modern delay plug-in with a great sound and a feature set that's arguably unmatched." - Computer Music (Rating 10/10)

"There is no doubt that punch 2 is a classy and hefty performer, being packed to the brim with great content. It will excel in all areas where electronic drums sounds will be required, especially if you like to dive in and tweak presets, or even better, starting with one of the many drum models that will ultimately throw up unique and different percussive sounds." - DAVE GALE (MUSICTECH) 

"If you like deep, moving pads or wild wobbulating effects, this is the place to find them." - COMPUTER MUSIC

"If you're dipping your toe into the Papen World for the first time, or have limited funds, Go2 will heavily reward, with a synth which is full of sonic possibilities and could become something of a go to. Job done Mr Papen!" - MUSIC TECH MAG

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  • 32bit and 64bit

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  • Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • 32bit and 64bit

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