Kilohearts Toolbox Ultimate

The Ultimate all-in-one Sound Design Toolkit

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The Kilohearts Toolbox will change the way you think about sound design forever. It contains a huge number of high-quality audio effect building blocks and Snap Heap, the perfect tool for combining them.

Together these components offer incredible ease of use and versatility which leads to more creativity and inspiration. Forget about all those complex routings and sends! With The Kilohearts Toolbox you will be quicker then you ever thought possible!

These plugins where designed to do away with as much complexity and frustration as possible, making your workflow so much faster and more fun. By saving you valuable time with straight-forward UI's and easy-to-understand labels, letting you focus on creativity.

Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE includes every piece of software Kilohearts ever released. Experience the flexibility of endless combinations between the effects and the host plugins! Explore the hundreds of professional factory presets throughout these 36 (!) plugins.

You get, not only the awesome value of the Kilohearts Toolbox with it's myriad of effects, but also the acclaimed effects Disperser and Faturator! Both of them also work as snapins in the Snapin host plugins, you know? Speaking of which: The most versatile band-splitter on the planet, Multipass, is included to give you the most out of your Toolbox effects, as well as the Phase Plant Snapin host synthesizer.

And since they are practically giving stuff away here, they threw in the kHs ONE subtractive synth for good measure.

What's included?

- Phase Plant
- Multipass
- Snap Heap

- Disperser
- Faturator

- Carve EQ
- Slice EQ

- 3-Band EQ
- Bitcrush
- Chorus
- Comb Filter
- Compressor
- Delay
- Distortion
- Ensemble
- Filter
- Flanger
- Formant Filter
- Frequency Shifter
- Gain
- Gate
- Haas
- Ladder Filter
- Limiter
- Phase Distortion
- Phaser
- Pitch Shifter
- Resonator
- Reverb
- Reverser
- Ring Mod
- Stereo
- Tape Stop
- Trance Gate
- Transient Shaper

- kHs ONE

"I just purchased the entire bundle and it changed my life. The simplistic approach is just perfect! ... I've not appreciated plugins like yours in a long time"

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Tech Specs

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Product Specs:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
  • 2GHz CPU or faster
  • VST2, AU, AAX compatible
  • 1GB or more RAM
  • No matter if you are a Windows or Mac user, Kilohearts recommend keeping up to date with OS versions as they become available. We are not able to support OS version that are no longer supported by their respective manufacturers. If you are using an outdated OS please try our free trials to ensure compatibility before making any purchases.