Toontrack EZkeys Cinematic Pads

A diverse hybrid instrument for truely unique textures and soundscapes

Toontrack EZkeys Cinematic Pads is a utterly unique virtual instrument based around several analogue and modular synths as well as a vintage grand piano and an electric GuitarViol. Together, these components form a never-before-heard hybrid instrument of reverberant, peculiar, fluttering, ominous, visceral, fluid and literally out-of-this-world audio landscapes.

With EZkeys Cinematic Pads at hand, you’re an intrepid explorer at the helm of an audio vessel headed straight into the unknown – weightlessly drifting through an interstellar cosmos en route uncharted sonic frontiers. If you let yourself go, you’ll enter a realm where the divide between real and dream is nothing but a lucid gradient ready for you to pierce though.

Welcome to a new source of sound and ideas – literally as diverse as the universe. Climb in, start the engine and head straight for the great unknown.

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EZkeys Cinematic Pads Key Features:

  • A hybrid instrument of never-before-heard textures of sound
  • Based on several analogue and modular synths as well as a grand piano and an electric GuitarViol
  • In excess of 70 mix-ready presets offering a widely creative panorama of ambient sounds
  • Ideal for anything from soundscapes, scores and sound design to modern pop and electronic

Modular Synths

In simple terms, a modular synth is a make-your-own-synth system where modules like oscillators, filters, amplifiers, LFOs, envelopes and more are used to produce one-of-a-kind sounds in real-time. Several classic modular systems were used to create the unique sounds in EZkeys Cinematic Pads.

Analogue Synths

A handpicked selection of classic analogue instruments were blended in as a contrast to the modular sounds.

Bowed Guitar

The bowed guitar is a Togaman GuitarViol.* Essentially, this unique instrument is a hybrid of a guitar and a viola or cello. It’s traditionally tuned like a classic guitar but played with a bow.

Grand Piano

The piano featured in the back end of EZkeys Cinematic Pads is a Bösendorfer* from 1891. It was sampled in traditional Toontrack fashion but had each note reversed in the final product.

The Presets

EZkeys Cinematic Pads comes with more than 70 unique presets showcasing an immense scope of sound, creative audio textures and cutting-edge sound design. Preset categories include Atmospheric, Bells, Fat Pads, Modulated, Saturated, Strings

EZkeys Cinematic Pads was created by Toontrack co-founder and Head of Sound Design – Mattias Eklund...

toontrack co-founder Mattias Eklund

Q: Where did the idea for this instrument come from?

A: Pad sounds have always intrigued me and been something I’ve reached for when writing or producing music. That’s why I figured it would be an interesting and challenging task to make my very own library from scratch using some of my favorite instruments and synths. Combining the unpredictable and limitless modular world with classic analogue synths is what got me started, and from there I just let my heart and ears guide me.

Q: How come you landed specifically on a piano, a guitar viol and the synths you picked? Was there a selective process with lots of trial and error?

A: I was looking for a group of instruments that all had strong personalities but, most importantly, contrasted one another. I wanted the analogue and the digital world to clash and form some some of alternative universe where it was impossible to discern where a sound really originated from. Yes, there was some trial and error, but surprisingly little of it. The vision I had going in is very much intact in the final product.

Q: On a technical note, how exactly does this instrument “work” in EZkeys?

A: Under the hood, EZkeys Cinematic Pads has 17 different sampled instruments or original sources of sound. All of these I then combined in different ways. For example, I could have a traditional synth on the first channel, a sampled string instrument on the second one and then maybe fatten up the overall tone with the same string sound one octave lower and add in a second synth an octave up. This, in combination with my ability to add in white and pink noise as well as dive into an almost inexhaustible pool of effects, made it possible for me to create literally anything imaginable. As a user of the final product, you will be able to control the filters, ambiences and other parameters specific to each preset.

Q: Both personally and professionally, your projects often have somewhat of an experimental touch to them. Is that an important creative catalyst for you – to do something that hasn’t been done before?

A: I love to experiment. To me it’s just my natural state of being creative and really has nothing to do with trying to do being innovative. I think that if you try to do something that hasn’t been done before as opposed to trying to do something that you truly love based on what you feel in your heart and hear with your ears, you’re doomed to fail.

Q: What do you hope users take away from using these sounds?

A: I hope they will get loads of inspiration. I feel that with these sounds, just using minuscule musical ideas, simple chord sequences or melodies you can create huge soundscapes and open doors to your creative self you didn't know existed.

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Tech Specs

Product Type:


Product Specs:

System Requirements


1.2 GB of free hard disk space.
Windows 7 or newer, Pentium 4 or Athlon processor with 2 GB RAM.
Audio Unit, VST or AAX host application (64-bit on Mac) and professional sound card recommended. Stand-alone version included.


1.2 GB of free hard disk space.
macOS 10.9 or higher, Intel-based Mac with 2 GB RAM.
Audio Unit, VST or AAX host application (64-bit on Mac) and professional sound card recommended. Stand-alone version included.