Big Fish Audio Epic Cinematic Drums & Sound Design

A flexible cinematic drums and sound design VI toolkit

Big Fish Audio Epic: Cinematic Drums & Sound Design is a virtual instrument created for use with Native Instruments Kontakt Player 5 engine.

Truly epic in scope (over 10.3 GB uncompressed) but also simple to use, Epic is ideal for composers and sound designers working in film, movie trailers, games, television, production music, web design, or advertising.

Epic not only includes a huge variety of cinematic drum loops and sampled drums - it's also a powerful and flexible tool for cinematic-style sound design.

Use Epic's deep collection of drum and percussion loops to quickly compose cinematic rhythmic beds in a wide variety of styles...

Create your own rhythmic fills and patterns with Epic's multi-sampled instruments.

Add a professional edge to your cues with Epic's powerful array of cinematic sound design elements.

Customize your sonic creations using the sound design tools on Epic's graphic interface.


  • 24 Performance Kits (consisting of 1711 loops and one-shots)
  • 58 multi-sampled drum and percussion instruments
  • 388 high quality cinematic sound effects
  • 6.3 GB (10.3 uncompressed) library
  • Kontakt 5 Player included

Notes from the Producer

Hi, Steve Sechi here, producer of EPIC: Cinematic Drums & Sound Design, which was just released this week. As those of you who've been to the BFA site before might have guessed, EPIC is related to the best-selling Epic Drums sample CD series. I think it's safe to say that if you liked the Epic Drums series, you're *really* going to like EPIC.

The difference is that EPIC: Cinematic Drums & Sound Design is not a sample CD - it's a Kontakt virtual instrument. Like the Epic Drums series, EPIC features hundreds of killer performance loops, organized into 24 different Kontakt construction kits. But EPIC also includes multi-sampled versions of all of the drums we used in the performance loops, so you can easily create your own customized fills, rhythms, and sounds, or mix and match pre-generated loops with your own custom material.

EPIC features a huge variety of ethnic drums and percussion, including Chinese drums, taikos, African drums, frame drums, small and large gongs, cymbals, quints, a complete set of five Roto-Toms, and a massive, studio-shaking 39" nagada drum from India. We also included hundreds of high-quality cinematic sound design elements, like thundering Hits, Impacts, Metals, Risers and Whooshes.

Every construction kit features a selection of loops, one-shots, and cinematic elements, making it fast and easy to compose Action, Suspense, or Horror cues when you're on a tight deadline. Another time-saving feature: we mapped all loops according to their pitch, from low to high on the keyboard.

EPIC's Graphic User Interface is also a time-saver. It's pretty much plug-and-play - easy to use right out of the box, with the most important controls located on the front panel of the GUI. And of course, those who like to tweak their sounds and loops can find the full compliment of Kontakt effects under the hood just by clicking on the "tool" icon.

We had a great time playing and recording EPIC. Hope you check out the demos and let us know what you think of it.

This product works with the free Kontakt Player – a free sample player based on Kontakt 5 that runs all Native Instruments’ KONTAKT instruments, as well as third-party products made for the platform.

You can download the Kontakt Player via this link (will take you to Native Instruments website)

Instruments made for Kontakt Player will also run in the full (paid for) version of Kontakt.


  • 24 Performance Kits (consisting of 1711 loops and one-shots)
  • 58 multi-sampled drum and percussion instruments
  • 388 high quality cinematic sound effects
  • 6.3 GB (10.3 uncompressed) library
  • Kontakt 5 Player included

Performance Loop Patches:

  • 01 Terminator 135 bpm
  • 02 Hell Raiser 115 bpm
  • 03 China Syndrome 145 bpm
  • 04 Battlefield 150 bpm
  • 05 Iron Man 120 bpm
  • 06 Apocalypse 80 bpm
  • 07 Fast & Furious 165 bpm
  • 08 Rising Sun 120 bpm
  • 09 Voodoo 95 bpm
  • 10 Armed Forces 120 bpm
  • 11 Speed 165 bpm
  • 12 Syriana 125 bpm
  • 13 Predator 150 bpm
  • 14 Kung Fu 150 bpm
  • 15 Jungle Fever 150 bpm
  • 16 The Horror 160 bpm
  • 17 Centurion 125 bpm
  • 18 Hellbound 150 bpm
  • 19 Morocco 120 bpm
  • 20 Cry Havoc 155 bpm
  • 21 Red Sun 175 bpm
  • 22 Gladiator 120 bpm
  • 23 Spy Game 85 bpm
  • 24 Samurai 170 bpm
  • All Epic Hits & Impacts 01
  • All Epic Hits & Impacts 02
  • All Epic Metals 01
  • All Epic Metals 02
  • All Epic Risers 01
  • All Epic Risers 02
  • All Epic Whooshes


Multi-sampled Instruments Patches:

  • 39-Inch Nagada
  • Bachi & Bamboo Sticks
  • Bass Drum, Field Snares, Cymbals
  • Big Toms
  • Chappas
  • China Cymbals
  • Congas
  • Crash & Splash Cymbals
  • Cymbal Chokes & Mutes
  • Da Gang Gu, Solo Drum & Ensemble
  • Darbuka
  • Dholak
  • Dragon Dance Drum & Cymbals
  • Dumbeks
  • Dunun
  • Finger Cymbals, Manjera, Zils
  • Frame Drums
  • Gongs, Large
  • Gongs, Medium & Small
  • Hirado Taiko
  • Kang Gu
  • Metals, Misc
  • Nagada Taikos
  • Quica Drum
  • Quints
  • Roto-toms
  • Shime Taiko
  • Talking Drum
  • Temple Blocks
  • War Drum & Waist Drum

Download Size (RAR files):

  • Parts 1 - 3:  1.9 GB each
  • Part 4:  21 MB
  • Install Instructions: 1.1 GB

Please click on the link below to view the download and install guide for this product.

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Product Type:

Virtual Instrument


  • Kontakt library