Overloud BHS TRIXI TH-U Rig Library

Recreate the 80s and 90s tones of John Petrucci, Metallica, Andy Summers, and more

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Overloud BHS TRIXI TH-U rig Library is an expansion for Overloud's TH-U expansion library created by Big Hairy Sounds. It recreates the 80s and 90s tones of John Petrucci, Metallica, Andy Summers and others, based on a MESA/Boogie Triaxis preamplifier.

This library contains 55 Rigs captured using the following amplifiers and cabinets:

  • Triaxis and 2:90 tube preamp and power-amp rack setup
  • A classic Recto 4x12 and Bogner 4x12 speaker cabinets using V30 speakers with classic API preamps
  • 20 preset patches that recreate signature album tones from famous artists

This library also includes 26 patches focused on recreating famous album guitar tones.

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Tech Specs

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Product Specs:

System Requirements 

Requires one of the following:

  • TH-U Full
  • TH-U Rock
  • TH-U Metal
  • TH-U Funk and R&B
  • TH-U Slate Edition