Overloud Jensen Blackbird 12 100 - SuperCabinet IR Library

The official Jensen® IR library based on the “Blackbird” P12/100 BB 100W AlNiCo speaker

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Designed as an expansion for Overloud's revolutionary SuperCabinet IR processor, this is a systematic capture of a Jensen® Blackbird 100W AlNiCo speaker from the Jet Series, installed in two different enclosures: a 1x12" Open Back cabinet and a 2x12" Open Back cabinet. 

This makes for a total of 576 IRs that were developed in conjunction with a Jensen® Speakers product specialist, in order to recreate the most authentic playing experience—as if you were playing the original speaker!

This library was created for the TH-U SuperCabinet that allows you to:

    • Graphically browse the IRs in the library
    • Blend multiple IRs and create totally custom and huge stereo guitar tones
    • Compose new cabinet tones with the unique Multiband mode
    • Export your crafted IRs in .wav format for use with all major hardware modelers and software IR loaders

    Overloud SuperCabinet is included with TH-U Premium or available to buy separately here.

    The Blackbird 12-100 is the flagship speaker in the Jensen catalog. Not only does it have the highest (100W) power handling available today for a 12” AlNiCo, but it also offers high-end refined tones. The design has been focused around the most natural and widest possible frequency response for an open, organic, and detailed reproduction. It features a powerful warm bass range, balanced mids, sparkling highs, with a fine balance of chime and smoothness. Since its introduction, it has been revered as one of the best speakers ever and adopted by amp builders of different inspirations. The Blackbird 12-100 excels in many applications, especially where the details and the harmonic spread make a difference for the discerning users.

    The series of the official Jensen® IR Libraries is growing every day! Every library in the collection was created after extensive sampling and editing work in conjunction with Jensen® Speakers product specialists, in order to have perfection in every capturing step.

    The microphones used during the capturing session are:

    • AKG C12
    • AKG C414
    • AKG C414 XLS
    • Audio Technica AT4033
    • Coles 4038
    • Electro Voice RE16
    • Groove Tubes MD1
    • Neumann KM84
    • Neumann U47
    • Neumann U87
    • RODE NT1
    • Royer R121
    • Sennheiser E609
    • Sennheiser MD421
    • Shure B52
    • Shure SM57
    • Shure SM58
    • Shure SM81

    Every microphone has been moved to four different horizontal positions (Cap, Cap Edge, Cone and Cone Edge), two distances, and two angulations for a total of 16 IRs each.

    All these measurement sets have been repeated for every cabinet in the library.

    All IRs have been phase aligned so they can be blended without phase cancellations.

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    Requires one of the following:

    • Overloud SuperCabinet
    • Overloud TH-U Premium software