Zero-G Ethera Soul Edition

Soul and Gospel vocal instrument for Kontakt

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Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed ETHERA comes another fabulous vocal Kontakt instrument** the ETHERA SOUL EDITION which combines stunning Soul and Gospel vocal samples, incredible simplicity and a high degree of playability all packed into the same beautiful Kontakt interface for total ease-of use and ultimate sound manipulation.
Ethera Soul Edition features 4 main instruments: Phrases, Phrase Builder, Sustains and Choir Legato:


The Phrases section includes 12 patches full of soul and gospel vocal phrases. These can be mixed and combined and using the two Off-Set controls you can change the starting points of the samples using the waveform display. This allows you to create new phrases and to personalise the existing phrases. These phrases can be manipulated in many ways by the GUI controls including time-stretching or syncing to your host application.


The Phrase Builder is a set of samples and phrases programmed to act as an intelligent entity allowing the composer to live-play any articulation, on any pitch or chord.  The Phrase Builder is available in Solo Legato & Polyphonic modes. You can use up to 20 individual steps (similar to a step sequencer) to program your phrase as you wish.


The Sustain section offers the ability to ‘play’ the voice of Ethera Soul using ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’  and choirs in sustained modes.


The Choir Legato instrument features a choir and a Legato Expert interface which uses the powerful SIPS engine and is the main control for the Legato Phrases Builder. With this Tab you can change and control the cross-fade, blend and modulation offset amongst other controls. It will enable you to adjust the legato to suit your playing style. The Legato Expert interface is also available for use in the Phrase Builder Legato instrument.
Ethera Soul Edition also comes fully equipped with a complete FX section that includes chorus, flanger and phaser, compressor, EQ, filter, convolution reverb, overdrive, delay, amp simulator and cabinet simulator.

**Please note: ETHERA SOUL EDITION requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.6.0 or higher – it will not work with the free Kontakt Player.

Main Features:

  • Over 1.2 GB Of 24bit 48 Khz Uncompressed Wave Format Samples
  • Phrases & Songs with 2 Sync Modes & Legato Mode
  • Phrase Builder With Legato & Poly Modes and 30 Different Phrases
  • Legato Expert Mode Tab
  • GUI with Simple Controls & Fully Automated Midi Controllers
  • Full Choir Oh & Uh  with Crescendo.
  • FX Rack
  • Fantastic Virtual Legato
  • Attack & Release Sample Time  - Volume Control
  • Natural Vibrato (Mod Wheel) - Vibrato Rate Control
  • Ahh, Ohh & Mmm, Vocal Sound Sustain Patches
  • Two Offset Sample Start Control On Phrases
  • Waveform Display Of Phrases
  • The Unique Voice of highly acclaimed Vocalist Clara Sorace.

For further information on the content and use of ETHERA SOUL EDITION, please take a look at the PDF Manual.

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Below are some user reviews from Time+Space customers:

"Smooth Soul...
I have to say that I'm not a total fan of soul, but there are a few exceptions. This is one of them. Having already purchased 'ETHERA Cinematic Vocal Instrument', this fell right in place with a current project I had taken on. Ethera Soul, what can I say. It's beautiful and lends itself to more than the imagination can muster. Scenes you would never have thought scored with paramount beauty as a starter, blended with other vocal instruments such as 'AERIS Hybrid Choir'. When these are blended with imagination to low moving ambient tones and emotional strings etc etc, the imagination just runs totally wild. Hard to imagine without media to watch and score to. At last there are some samples that are 'blowing my skirt up' and 'ringing my bell' so to speak. I wonder what will be next in the Ethera range? Something on the lines of 'Symphony of Voices maybe? We will wait and see. 5 / 5 stars "
- Written by AMBIOSIS 


"All about soul
In the next edition from the talented singer and songwriter Clara Sorace which is all about soul. Clara performs Soul and Gospel phrases & songs which come with a high degree of playability. Clara's performance can be easily fit into many themes, including cinematic scores. Clara is a unique and outstanding singer/performer and the soul edition helps you to deliver a great score with some easy to use vocals. Included are Phrases, Phrase Builder, Sustains and Choir Legato which can easily be blended into your mix.  5 / 5 stars "
- Written by: Thorsten Meyer

Download Size (RAR file):

  • 1 GB

Customer Reviews


Press Quotes

"Packed with vocal phrases ("oohs, "ahs", etc) emotively and soulfully sung by Clara Sorace and also featuring more in the way of actual words. The Phrases and Phrase Builder instruments are the main events, the first drawing on 12 presets that map phrases up the keyboard for stretching, shifting, shaping, processing and stringing together; the second for creating phrases by arranging words and phonemes in a step sequencer. Legato control and effects wrap things up, and it all comes together in an effective, capable package. Rated: 9/10" - Computer Music Magazine, UK.

"The Soul Edition of Ethera is more focused and specialized [than Ethera 2.0], and includes something very rare in the virtual vocalist world – non-classical choirs with a ton of character. [...] If the question is “can this virtual singer compete with real human singers”, then the developers and vocalist have done a great job of picking their spots and focusing on sounds for areas where a virtual singer can often win the battle because of simple logistics." - Bedroom Producers Blog

"The 1.2GB Kontakt instrument is made up of a lush, full-sounding choir instrument, and a Sustain section that lets you play 'Oh' and 'Ah' choir sounds. - MusicTech

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