Slate FG-2A Compressor

A detailed capturing of one of the best LA2A Compressors in existence

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The most legendary opto-compressor in the history of recorded music. Slate Digital spent over a year modeling every peak, curve, and sonic nuance with unparalleled accuracy. Add incredible warmth and tone to your tracks within seconds.

Slate FG-2A Compressor Full Details

Slate Digital spent over a year measuring, analyzing, and obsessing over every aspect of the 2A. From its characteristic saturation to the magic of the T4 optical attenuator to the signature release response — no expense was spared.

Because every 2A is different, Slate Digital started with the best. They listened to a ton of units until they found one that captured all the warmth & tone they knew producers would love. FG-2A captures the warmest, most musical opto compressor ever heard.

There are lots of 2A plugins out there—no one gets it right. With saturation that’s peak-for-peak accurate to the original hardware, nobody else comes close to FG-2A.

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"I’ve used a lot of LA2As and I’ve never been totally happy with a software emulation before FG-2A. This one has the tone, the features, and action right. It’s pretty quickly becoming a favorite." - Matthew Weiss

"FG‑2A sounds every bit as smooth and easy as an LA‑2A should, and it has the right character too..." Matt Houghton | Sound On Sound

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Effects Plugin

Product Specs:

iLok Requirements

Requires an iLok 2 of iLok 3 USB dongle.