Sonic Atoms Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition

Organic Pads and Drones for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

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A new incarnation of the Sonic Atoms Baltic Shimmers library which now shines in Spectrasonics Omnisphere. Inspired by the sea, you'll find 144 Omnisphere patches based on organic sounds: sea, birds, acoustic and electric musical instruments. All 144 sound sources are available inside Omnisphere to be used, repurposed and become a foundation of even more original sounds made by you. These sounds were designed to be used in film or game underscore, but they can find their way into almost any genre. 

Baltic Shimmers is also available as a version for Steinberg's free HALion Sonic SE. Click here, or check out the bundle here

Sonic Atoms recorded very long organic textures, irregular electric cello tremolos, ukulele tremolos or glockenspiel random notes, to name a few. They processed all sounds and often combined them with sea waves or seagulls, to get original, moving and evolving sounds. They crafted every single sample carefully using creative effects and outboard. It was long process since they processed and curated hours of recordings just to select the best sounding textures and place them in the Baltic Shimmers collection.

Most of the samples went through tape and after slowing down, were recorded again digitally. This process added truly organic feel and imperfection to the sounds.

You'll get the most of Baltic Shimmers by playing very long notes. Most of the samples are very long and, in combination with the clever onboard modulation, you may play a single note for a few minutes and it will constantly evolve. Some movements are very subtle while others can turn from even and static to detuned, wobbly and randomly changing timbre.


Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition comes with 144 patches and 144 sound sources. The library has 3 types of sounds: Shimmers, Pads and Drones. All sounds come from the original Baltic Shimmers sample library and were edited and looped for ease of use in the Omnisphere ecosystem.

Drones patches are made of a single layer but they use very long evolving samples. Shimmers are made of much more complex samples which are played back through a granular engine, which allows them to blend smoothly in between various stages of the complex sample.

Pad type on the other hand is more traditional but built from 2 up to 3 layers. All patches react to the modwheel (CC1), however the behaviour differs depending on patch type.


Patch List


  • Monsum
  • Dreadnought
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Starless Night
  • Squadron over Clouds
  • Lost in Fog
  • Hull Breach
  • Falcon’s Motor
  • Calm Night
  • Broken Radar
  • Agony
  • Northen Mirage
  • Blind Heading
  • Narrow Isthmus
  • Dark Sea
  • U-Boat
  • Saukko Damaged
  • Overloaded
  • Engine Clatter
  • Silent Enemy
  • Schleswig Holstein
  • Disturbing Course
  • September Dawn
  • Storm Clouds
  • Submerged Hunter
  • Enigma
  • Lost Contact
  • Unindefied Signal
  • Signal Encrypted


  • Bornholm’s Tide
  • Warm Surge
  • Summer Breeze
  • Wind of Spring
  • Spark of Life
  • Foreign Waters
  • Cold Waves
  • Distant Voices
  • Wind Choir
  • Air Burst
  • Warm Ambience
  • Deep Spin
  • Sand in Bottle
  • Whispers of Sopot
  • Sea Mallets
  • Light from Above
  • Morning Wind
  • Lost Voices
  • Wandering Souls
  • Silent Storm
  • Baltic’s Soul
  • Storm Ahead
  • Bouncing Waves
  • Wind of Hel
  • Siren’s Whisper
  • Uncertain Tide
  • Dim Horizon
  • Cloudless Night
  • Sea Ghosts
  • Ice and Steel
  • Storm is over
  • Whispers of Reval
  • Breeze of Spring
  • Night Glare
  • Calm Sea
  • Gulf Spin
  • Cold Wind
  • Sea Bells
  • Blue Lights
  • Crystal Ice
  • Sea Choir
  • Unvisible Danger
  • Waves
  • Sea Jewels
  • Sea Whistle
  • Hel’s Dream
  • Stars over Sea
  • Mysterious Wind
  • Siren’s Violin
  • Lost Spirits
  • North Harbor
  • Wind Bells
  • Ghost Ship
  • Riurik
  • Rusty Hull
  • Sinking Franken
  • September 1st
  • Rusty Strings
  • September’s Dawn
  • Unidentified Signal
  • Coliding Waves
  • Night Sky
  • Floating Debirs
  • Beach at Night
  • Mist Drift
  • Lost in Reflections
  • Outflow
  • Dangerous Tide
  • Rising Sun
  • Unstable Thrust
  • Off Course
  • Open Sea
  • Sea Chords
  • Calm Bay


  • Sea Organ
  • Closing Danger
  • Whispers
  • Night Wind
  • Hidden Treasure
  • Whispering Stars
  • Breaking Ice
  • East Rain
  • Wave and Bow
  • Frozen Sparkles
  • Broken Glass
  • Lost in Mist
  • Before Dawn
  • Floating Pieces
  • Point of Return
  • Difficult Decision
  • Night Dust
  • Lower Decks
  • Lost Crickets
  • Moving Air
  • Ghost in the Wind
  • Hollow Wind
  • Ice and Whistle
  • Baltic’s Mystery
  • Inconspicuous Beauty
  • Fog and Ice
  • Buoys Choir
  • Losing Way
  • Memories of Westerplatte
  • Baltics Gem
  • Fading Tide
  • Reverse Course
  • Buoy Sing
  • Blind Drift
  • Baltic’s Chimes
  • Seagulls
  • Frozen Metal
  • Sea Waves
  • Sea Talks
  • Morning Breeze
  • Wounded Siren

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Baltic Shimmers is perfect for its original game and film design brief but it also has a role to play in experimental, chillout and minimalist ambient music composition." - Paul White (Sound On Sound)

“Baltic Shimmers is a haunting, ethereal and atmospheric collection from Sonic Atoms. Every patch seems to have been designed with care and great attention to detail - the mod wheel always brings up something unexpected and creative. There’s a rare coherence across all the patches too. This is a versatile and hugely useful collection of cutting edge sounds.” – Award-winning film/TV/game composer Stephen Baysted

"Interesting drones, pads and shimmers that sport a genuine sense of depth and movement too often missing from typical usual synth-drone line-ups. [...] a classy product and a worthy addition to any Omnisphere owner’s library." - Music Tech

"This has to be the best collection of drones and pads that has ever graced my instance of Omnisphere! Long, evolving, and stunningly beautiful, Baltic Shimmers is my new go-to soundset for pads and drones." - SampleLibraryReview

Tech Specs

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  • Omnisphere

Product Specs:

System Requirements
  • Requires Omnisphere v2.6 or higher
  • 1.5 GB of HDD/SSD space