Sonuscore Origins Vol 2 Music Box and Plucked Piano

Create eerie, anticipation or dreamy moods on the fly

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The Origins series returns with new carefully recorded instruments. This time Sonuscore present the incomparable Music Box combined with the sinister Plucked Piano. Play the instruments individually or unleash the true power of ORIGINS with an interplay of both instruments with the powerful Multi-Arpeggio Designer (MAD) that lets you get the highest quality, creative results in the fastest time possible. The rhythmically interacting and enriching interplay of the music box and plucked piano offer the best possible basis to create eerie, anticipating build-ups or dreamy moods on the fly.

Your scene is – for example - a haunted castle, a magical lake with fairies deep in the woods, some strange place behind a rabbit hole or a mysterious and odd fantasy world? We promise that this instrument will instantly lead your composition into the right direction.

Select one of over 100 presets, designed by experienced composers, play some chords and let the magic happen. You want the full control? Feel free to adjust any parameter as you like. With endless possibilities to churn out ideas on the fly ORIGINS VOL 2: MUSIC BOX & PLUCKED PIANO is a must-have tool for any composer who needs to create the right vibe quickly without losing his or her individual creative expression.


The Music Box is often considered a toy, but there's no denying that it offers a distinct sonic experience. One which many composers enjoy utilising for an impactful effect on the listener. Think of a flashback in a movie, where a kid is running through the grass on a sunny day – or imagine a serial killer caressing his cuddly toy. The music box offers the perfect sound for these intense and simultaneously subtle emotions.

The Plucked Piano is the ideal companion for the Music Box to create thrilling, mysterious and arcane soundscapes in no time. As the strings are being plucked instead of hit by a soft felt-covered hammer, the resulting sound is harsher and more rugged – perfect to get your audience into the right mood.


The Multi-Arpeggio-Designer is the centrepiece of every 'Origins' instrument. Two fully customisable arpeggiators create interlocking patterns and broad soundscapes by combining the unique timbres of the two instruments. The engine is designed to convey a musically meaningful, human performance, instead of a computer randomly aligning notes.

Load up one of 100+ inspiring presets or create your own arpeggios in as much detail as you like. The MAD provides a variety of different features and controls to help you realise your musical vision.


Have you created your own ingenious arpeggio design and want to use it in another ORIGINS product? Simply copy and paste your design to use it on-the-fly in any other instrument in the ORIGINS series.


The 12 individual colour-presets provide even more possibilities to sculpt your sound. All colours are radically different in character and incorporate various effect settings and multiple impulse responses. While each MAD-Preset has an assigned colour preset, you can combine everything at will, resulting in over 1200 predefined combinations.

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