Sound Dust Flutter Dust Module

Uses long and complex multisampled acoustic 'wavetables' to create beautiful evolving sounds

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Flutter Dust Module is a new Kontakt sample instrument that uses long and complex multisampled acoustic 'wavetables' that scan in real time to create beautiful organic, evolving and un-expected new sounds.

Like the Mellotron, Flutter Dust Module is based on recordings of acoustic instruments– but the extra functionality of the Kontakt engine takes the Flutter Dust Module to places of which the tape-based Mellotron could only ever dream. Creating woozy, ghostly versions of real world timbres, users can just move the playhead position or loop points to construct new sounds - punch-drunk orchestral pads, delicate flute-otrons, majestic organ-celeste, complex poly rhythmic Phillip Glass scapes...and more, all at the click of a button (well, a few buttons).


If you are beguiled by the music of genre defying artists like Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, Cristobal Tapia de Veer, Radiohead, Bjork and James Blake, then the Flutter Dust Module could be your new best friend – enabling you to make music which inhabits a sonic ´other´ space by sounding both acoustic and electronic.

To demostrates some of the lovely possibilities, the demo track 'Fading of the Light' is a version of an orchestral cue from hit BBC drama The A Word (kindly lent by Sound Dust user and Bafta winning composer Rob Lane) re-imagined using only Flutter Dust Module.

Dreamy, crepuscular, luminous, authentic, ambigious, hazy, enchanted, disquieting – the Flutter Dust Module is all of this, and more.

The Sounds

The wavetables contain edited, mangled, reversed and morphed sounds from Sound Dust favourites...Dulcitone, Plastic Ghost Piano, Ships Piano, Hogwarts piano, Cloud viola & cello, Auto harp, plucked grand piano, Pendleonium, Orgone, Hammond organ, Rubber Bass.

Each wavetable has a playhead with 128 play start positions plus precise control of loop lengths. These can both be controlled and automated in real time. The LOOPER version even has an individual start point, loop start and loop length control per note.

The Interface

The macro page is for quick and easy editing, the micro page is lets you look behind the curtain (the LOOPER instrument has only the micro page)

The micro interface represents (if you look hard enough) one octave of a keyboard starting at C. Each column (or key) has individual controls for each corresponding note of the five octave range.

Flutter Dust Module has two special trigger modes.

In NOTE TRIGGER mode you can set different BPM synced note repeats for every single key. Great for quickly building quirky polyrhythms (as demonstrated in audio track In Flagrante). TRIGGER ALL mode affects the whole keyboard with BPM synced note repeats going from grainular to 1 bar. The 'syncopator' control adds random values to the velocity of trigger playback.

 ...and don´t forget the Flutter effect!

The modwheel-powered Flutter control unleashes the ´fluttering´ effect that gives this beauty her name. Wiggle the wheel for instant live jitter/glitch/fluttering effects. Or play the coloured keyswitches for relatime volume gating effects.

Content includes:

  • 1.3GB (compressed) 24bit stereo samples
  • 3 multisampled, five octave wavetable sets
  • 6 nki instruments in two variations LOOPER and Wavetable
  • 160 snapshot sound presets
  • acoustic wavetable sample sets made from cunning variations of Sound Dust favourites
  • micro and macro pages for easy or deep editing
  • BPM synced trigger repeat modes: saved per note or for whole keyboard.
  • chaos and order controls: for instant parameter randomisation and re-organisation.
  • flutter control: modwheel hard wired to unique 'flutter' effect -wiggle it and you´ll soon find out what it does
  • effects - adjustable per note: two convolution reverb and one delay send, chorus (Wavetable), filter LFO (LOOPER), autopanner (Wavetable)
  • 20 custom reverb convolution impulses
  • poly, mono, legato and glide modes
  • RTFM tab -so you can't lose the manual

Download Size (zipped file):

  • 1.5 GB

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Sample Library


  • Kontakt files

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  • Works within the full version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher