VSL Big Bang Orchestra Bundle

A Universe of Sound, from A to Z, this collection contains all 25 Big Bang orchestra titles

This massive package comprises the entire universe of the Big Bang Orchestra editions, from Andromeda to Zodiac. From powerful tutti recordings to ethereal effects, from blasting brass sections to fragile woodwinds, from thunderous drums to angelic choirs – the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle provides you with an infinite treasure of orchestral sounds that lets your productions be as bold, nuanced, and sophisticated as you need, with little time and effort.

Played by the acclaimed musicians of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, recorded by Hollywood-proven engineers at Synchron Stage Vienna, and perfected by Vienna Symphonic Library’s expert team of library creators, this package truly excels in terms of sound quality, playability, versatility and realism.

The Synchron Player, Vienna’s proprietary sample player, is the exclusive powerful engine for running hundreds of voices and multi-microphone recordings simultaneously. The internal mixer always delivers a perfect sound out-of-the-box, with masterfully crafted mixer presets that match across the entire series – from close to ambient, from natural to heavily processed, from stereo to surround and into immersive audio.

VSL Big Bang Orchestra Bundle key features:

  • Strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion and choir of the Synchron Stage Orchestra
  • Massive “tutti” recordings as well as individual ensembles and sections
  • Multiple microphone positions, additional close mic positions
  • Exceptional acoustics of the large Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Includes the free Big Bang Orchestra: Zodiac – Supermassive Ensembles

Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda - Essentials - Andromeda gives you all the articulations of the free Big Bang Orchestra, newly and uniquely recorded with more sonic and expressive flexibility, along with many more articulations that were not included in the free version.

Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye - Black eye extends the series with ready-orchestrated phrases and FX for modern effect-oriented composition, allowing you to create large-scale orchestrations from scratch–seamlessly, easily and with a huge out of the box sound.

Big Bang Orchestra: Capricorn - Capricorn, Vienna Symphonic Library’s series of epic tutti recordings reaches further toward instant modern scoring with captivating riffs and patterns, played with exhilarating intensity by the entire Synchron Stage Orchestra.

Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado - Big, fat percussion sounds are an essential part of a large sounding orchestra, lending epic size, power and drive to any track. Energise your orchestra with the punchy strikes, metal hits and cymbal crashes found in Dorado.

Big Bang Orchestra: Eridanus - Eridanus is the second drums and percussion instalment of VSL's series of tutti recordings adding powerful, driving rhythmic patterns to the line-up.

Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax - For the pitched percussion library of BBO: Fornax, VSL captured exceptional combinations of instruments to create organic, rich and pioneering sounds.

Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede - Ganymede offers you the classic individual sections of soprano, alto, tenor and bass as well as several tutti patches. Giving you several variations of tutti mappings proves helpful for creating quick arrangements that sound great without the need for detailed orchestrating.

Big Bang Orchestra: Hercules - Big Bold Brass - ensemble recordings of bass trombones, bass tuba, and contrabass tuba.

Big Bang Orchestra: Izar - Clusters have become a fixture in modern film scores. Especially low brass instruments are frequently deployed to create this sonic effect, so VSL decided to dedicate an entire volume of their Big Bang Orchestra series to exploring this technique.

Big Bang Orchestra: Jupiter - From mysterious to heroic - these six French horns will add drama to your productions.

Big Bang Orchestra: Kopernikus - Bb trumpet ensemble delivering the characteristic timbre heard in countless film scores.

Big Bang Orchestra Lyra -  With 14 first violins and 12 second violins playing in unison, and 8 violas playing an octave below, these captivating performances are perfect for those soaring melodies and prominent themes.

Big Bang Orchestra Musca - Recording six cellos and four basses playing together in octaves creates a homogenous, well-balanced sound, as the musicians adjust their intonation, tone color, phrasing and vibrato instantly and instinctively with each other.

Big Bang Orchestra Neptune - Neptune, the “tutti” ensemble of all the woodwinds brings together 13 musicians with their diverse instruments, from the piccolo to the contrabassoon.

VSL Big Bang Orchestra Orion - Orion offers four separate ensembles of flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons, with three musicians playing together in each ensemble.

Big Bang Orchestra Phoenix - Phoenix is a percussion module that offers a collection of pristine sounds in the categories of Timpani, Mallets, and Bells & Gongs, derived from the Synchron Series libraries Synchron Percussion I and Synchron Percussion II.

Big Bang Orchestra Quasar - Quasar is a percussion module that offers a collection of unpitched instruments in the categories of Drums, Cymbals & Gongs, and Percussion, derived from the Synchron Series libraries Synchron Percussion I and Synchron Percussion II.

Big Bang Orchestra Regulus - FX Strings - Regulus - FX Strings reveals an abundance of effects and unusual playing techniques, originally recorded for the Synchron FX Strings I Collection.

Big Bang Orchestra Solaris - FX Woodwinds - Solaris FX Woodwinds gives you a collection of woodwind tones and phrases which offers two main categories: Low Winds and High Winds. Arpeggios are performed in various chords, including major, minor, sevenths, diminished and augmented.

Big Bang Orchestra Tana - 1st Violins - Tana is packed with vivid ensemble performances, featuring 14 acclaimed violin players from the Synchron Stage Orchestra who perform frequently on diverse productions from Hollywood film scores to movie trailers, BBC documentaries and classical recordings.

Big Bang Orchestra Ursa - 2nd Violins - Vivid violin performances including vibrato, legato and many other articulations.

Big Bang Orchestra Vega - Violas - Vivid viola ensemble performances from 14 acclaimed players.

Big Bang Orchestra Wallia - Cellos - Ensemble of eight cellos with all the essential articulations taken from Synchron Strings Pro. 

Big Bang Orchestra Xenia - Basses - Vivid bass ensemble performances from 14 acclaimed players. 

Big Bang Orchestra Zodiac - Supermassive Ensembles - With 112 string players alone, the massive sound of its oversized ensembles makes for a bold statement that elevates and enriches your arrangements with epic breadth and power.

  • Download File Size 195.6 GB
  • Installed File Size 485.6 GB

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"This extensive range of ready-to-play, pre-orchestrated performances and textures takes the strain out of creating dramatic scores. Practical and affordable for beginners, BBO also has plenty to offer pro users." - DAVE STEWART (SOUND ON SOUND) 

Tech Specs

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Product Specs:

System Requirements 


  • Windows 8.1/10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • OSX 10.10.5, Intel Core i3
  • 7200 rpm hard drive for the sample content
  • 8 GB RAM
  • VIENNA KEY or other USB-eLicenser (e.g. a Cubase- or Nuendo-Key – Soft-eLicensers and iLoks are NOT supported)
  • Free storage space: 485.6 GB


  • Windows 10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel Core i5/i7/i9/Xeon
  • macOS 10.12.6 (or higher), Intel Core i5/i7/i9/Xeon
  • 16 GB RAM
  • AU/VST/AAX Native compatible host
  • 88 key master keyboard