The Unfinished Zebra Theta

200 patches for u-he Zebra2 featuring classic synth sounds but with a bit of modern, cinematic bite

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Theta is designed to take Zebra back a few years and create classic synth sounds but with a little bit of modern, cinematic bite.

The sound is inspired by great analogue machines such as the Prophet 5, Minimoog and Yamaha CS series, as well as digital classics like the DX7, Fairlight and Emulator II. So you can expect synth patches that are warm, crunchy, lo-fi, phat and crisp. There’s drift and depth, punch and presence.

Theta’s perfect if you’re a fan of modern synth scores such as Tron Legacy, Ex Machina, Stranger Things and Mr Robot, or dig the music from game series such as Mass Effect and Deus Ex. Or maybe you fancy creating your own soundtrack to the new Blade Runner movie?

Lush, lustrous pads; deep, dense bass; intense, innovative leads; driving, dynamic sequences; smooth, sweeping scapes; all with that familiar 80s retro vibe, but with a little hint of the contemporary. Zebra Theta is also great for ambient and synthwave music, as well as cinematic soundtracks.

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Product Specs:

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  • Requires u-He Zebra2