Toontrack Detroit Soul EZkeys MIDI Pack

Inspired by the era that made Detroit one of the music capitals of the world.

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In the 1960s, no city churned out hit songs and now-iconic artists like Detroit did. In an almost assembly line-like fashion, the ’Motown’ label produced immortal evergreens with the likes of The Supremes, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Martha and The Vandellas, The Commodores and many, many more

Primarily honing in on the soul and R&B-dominant era of the sixties, the Toontrack Detroit Soul EZkeys MIDI pack has all the traits synonymous with the early ‘Motown Sound’ – the hooks, the tasteful chord progressions and the broad musical brushstrokes touching on anything from blues, funk, gospel, R&B to pop and rock. In other words, classic soul as we know it.

Detroit Soul EZkeys MIDI Pack Features: 

  • Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by the music that came out of Detroit during the ’60s and ’70s ’Motown’ era.

  • Performed by a professional session player

  • 4/4 and 6/8 in straight and/or swing feel with tempos ranging from 55 BPM to 160 BPM.

  • Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections

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