Toontrack EZkeys Power Ballads MIDI Pack

Expect subtle verses, massive crescendos, big choruses and timeless melodies

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Looking to add more emotional power to your tracks? Toontrack Power Ballads EZKeys MIDI is for you! With its unique melodies and never-ending inspiration for your songs this is the perfect expansion for your EZkeys library. 

From the hardest rock bands to the pop savants, the best power ballads transcend time and genre to pull at your heartstrings. These emotional powerhouses have propelled countless artists into the absolute stratosphere – from Meatloaf to Maria McKee, Whitesnake to Whitney and so many more – and seem to hit a string that resonates across any genre, age, gender and musical preference.

Simply put, these three-minute love stories hit with resolute power – straight to the heart.

This MIDI pack for EZkeys is inspired by a whole host of a wealth of power ballad songs from the ‘80s through to today. Expect subtle verses, massive crescendos, big choruses and timeless melodies.

Feature Spotlight

  • Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by rock and pop ballads from the ‘80s through to today.
  • Performed by a professional session player
  • Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections

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