Toontrack Latin Jazz EZkeys MIDI Pack

EZkeys MIDI inspired by the Latin jazz genre.

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Toontrack Latin Jazz EZkeys MIDI Pack was created in tandem with the Latin Jazz EZbass MIDI and Latin Jazz Grooves MIDI packs. As always, any MIDI pack is great on its own – but combined with its counterparts, they become a powerhouse of creative possibilities!

This EZkeys MIDI pack celebrates Latin jazz and the cauldron of influences, styles and immense width of cultures it brings together under its umbrella. Expect jazz as we know it – but saturated by the unmistakable rhythms, the inimitable melodic language and all the flagrant pastels of Latin music. This is just as ideal for composing backing tracks for jamming purposes as it is for adding a Latin feel to any passage of a song or for writing new ones from the ground up.

Even though the traditional rhythmic patterns and the unique drum and percussion phrasing of Latin America may have been the catalyst in the development of this niche of jazz, the piano has always played a pivotal role – both as a melodic vehicle but also as the backbone in trios and other smaller configurations post the mid-century big band era.

Latin Jazz EZkeys MIDI Pack Key Features: 

  • Piano/keyboard playing styles inspired by Latin jazz music
  • Styles included cover mambo, samba, songo, bomba, danzón, guaguancó and more.
  • Played by pianist Manuel Valera
  • Categorized by common song parts
  • 4/4, 5/4 and 7/4 in straight feel with tempos ranging from 108 BPM to 130 BPM

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