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6 acoustic guitars presented in astonishing detail

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Following in the footsteps of Vir2 Instruments’ award-winning Electri6ity electric guitar virtual instrument, Acou6tics applies the same advanced technologies to re-imagine the virtual acoustic guitar.

Vir2 has meticulously recorded six different acoustic instruments: a steel-string guitar, twelve-string, nylon string, ukulele, mandolin, and guitalele, and presents them in astonishing detail. It features both plectrum and finger picking, and Blumlein stereo recordings alongside the piezo pickup perspective.

Thousands of samples across more than a dozen articulations were recorded for each instrument, including sustains, mutes, releases, legatos, hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, harmonics, and effects.

Acou6tics also features virtual room control with adjustable mic distance and sympathetic resonance plus a collection of 156 unique MIDI files of highly-usable strumming patterns.

Offering 3/4, 6/8, and 4/4 count patterns, these MIDI files are an excellent tool for discovering a starting point for compositions.


Playback Range

Essential controls are provided for simple and effective playback on the default Playback Page. There are two tabs: one has control over such parameters as Strum Direction, Strum Speed, Pick Position, and much more; the other can access Acou6tics’ vast customizable settings tab which allows for the creation of a realistic-sounding performance. The neck of the loaded guitar patch is in full view, showing which strums and voicings are being performed.

Keyswitches Page

The Keyswitches page allows the user to learn and browse which keyswitches are available for playback. Color-coded keys are described on this page to further describe functionality. Additionally, all parameters are customizable by assigning controls to preferred keys on the MIDI controller.

Chords Page

When triggering a chord on the MIDI controller, Acou6tics will automatically re-voice the chord to play the equivalent chord in a way it would be played on an actual acoustic guitar. These voicing are accessible and editable on the Chords Page, one of the most impressive features Acou6tics provides. Clicking on the Chords tab and triggering a chord will display the voicing of that chord on the guitar. If Acou6tics doesn’t quite voice the chord you desire, simply press the User Voicings button and use the knob to cycle through the almost 25,000 chord variations of Acou6tics playback.

Mics & FX Page

Acou6tics was recorded using the Blumlein stereo method, as well as offering the Piezo pickup perspective. On Acou6tics’ Mics & FX page, the perfect tone for a project can be shaped with control over the volume and panning of each mic perspective, as well as mic distance from the instrument. Additionally, Acou6tics offers various FX including transient master, EQ, compression, chorus, delay, and convolution reverb with hand selected IRs.

MIDI strumming files

Vir2 Instruments is proud to provide users of Acou6tics with a collection of 156 unique MIDI files of highly­-usable strumming patterns. Offering 3/4, 6/8, and 4/4 count patterns, these MIDI files are an excellent tool for discovering a starting point for compositions.

Download the MIDI files here.

This product works with the free Kontakt Player – a free sample player based on Kontakt 5 that runs all Native Instruments’ KONTAKT instruments, as well as third-party products made for the platform.

You can download the Kontakt Player via this link (will take you to Native Instruments website)

Instruments made for Kontakt Player will also run in the full (paid for) version of Kontakt.

Please click on the link below to view the download and install guide for this product.

Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Acou6tics is an excellent way to bring the warm, organic and involving sound of these instruments to your productions. [...] Hugely tweakable, and sounds like the real thing." - Music Tech

"As Electri6ity users would expect, the sound is pretty much flawless. Bone dry raw samples (recorded via Blumlein pair and piezo mic) capture the essence of the Acou6tics' six guitars to a T, ripe for processing via the onboard effects. A thing of beauty." - Computer Music, Rating: 9/10

"...comes as close as I've yet heard to putting acoustic guitar players out of work. If you take the time to learn how the performance interface works you can create utterly convincing performances which sound fabulous. [...] Acou6tics is hugely impressive and I´m sure composers and music producers of all genres will buy it by the bucketload." - Sound on Sound

Tech Specs

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Virtual Instrument


  • Kontakt library

Product Specs:

System Requirements
  •  Requires Free Kontakt Player 5 or higher
  • Requires 13 GB of hard drive space