Zero-G Elements Modern Scoring Synth

Modern scoring synth from the creator of the award winning Ethera series Stefano Maccarelli

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From the creator of the award winning Ethera series Stefano Maccarelli, Zero-G ELEMENTS Modern Scoring Synth is an all-new, stupendously large, and powerful Kontakt Instrument. A unique new tool for creating contemporary soundtracks, cinematic music, underscoring and sound design.

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All the samples included in Elements were created by recording organic sources, acoustic instruments, and particular environments.

Providing you with 3 powerful Layers, Elements is a unique wavetable Hybrid Synth. It has a huge wave-rom of over 23Gb and comes with an incredible array of useful sounds specifically developed for sound designers, and soundtrack composers.

For example, Zero-G have sampled an array of acoustic instruments including a superb old English Cello with a fantastic raw sound. Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Felt Piano, Hardware Modular Synths, Viking Horns, Mallet Instruments, Metal objects, traditional percussions and much more.

They have also used a particular underwater microphone to sample a lot of sounds and environments from a different perspective in order to create innovative sounds & textures.

For the Hybrid Sounds they have sampled many hundreds of organic sources and hardware synths to create an amazing tool for modern scoring.

ELEMENTS includes a collection of awesome vocals textures, hybrid instruments, organic synths, emotional cellos, guitars, tribal percussions, drum loops and much more. You will also find a massive collection of modern sounds created to fit the needs of modern music scoring.

We were inspired to create this massive wave-rom by many of the greatest contemporary TV and film soundtracks and composers.

Using the Snapshot Presets you already have about 500 cinematic presets ready to use and at your disposal.
These presets are organised into different categories: Bass, Cellos, Pad, Keys, Percussions, etc so you can easily find the sound you are looking for. And, of course, you can create your own presets from the myriad of samples available.

Many of these sounds are synchronised to the bpm of your DAW. We have sampled the original performance of the musician; in this way you have a playable instrument but with the authentic soul of the musician.

In fact, ELEMENTS is all that you will need to create fantastic contemporary scores for a multitude of uses.

About the Producer

Ethera Gold 2.5 was created by Stefano Maccarelli, an Award-Winning Sound Designer & Composer with over 23 years’ experience in the audio industry, film music, sound design & audio postproduction. Stefano has scored or licensed music & sound design for ad campaigns and TV Shows of many leading broadcasting brands such as Fox, National Geographic, Sky, A&T Networks, Fox Sports, Disney and Marvel.










ELEMENTS includes:

• Approximately 23Gb of 24 bit, 48KHz samples
• Over 8500 Samples
• 3 multi-sampled Kontakt Instruments
• Custom Convolution Reverbs
• Drag & Drop Audio Import Feature
• A Custom Audio Engine based on 3 Layers with thousands of sound possibilities
• Elements Lite Version that uses less processing power and memory
• Over 500 inspiring and professional Snapshot Presets with custom installer (PC & Mac)
• FX Rack
• Arpeggiator
• Glide & Unison Mode
• 11 LFO 1 MIDI Assignable Table Modulator
• A Massive collection of Organic and Hybrid Synth Sounds
• Emotive and Processed Cellos
• Classical & Electric Guitar samples
• Traditional Percussions and Body Percussion
• Felt Piano and other Keys
• Mallet Sounds
• Vox Textures
• Micro Tuning Control

Elements V1.01 update

Elements V1.01 Update - Released Tuesday 12th October 2021.

The update includes minor fixes and includes a new 04 ELEMENTS Time Menu.nki which allows you to select the sync type for tempo synchronised sounds. For example, you can choose Half or Double. There are 50 Snapshot Presets for Time Menu.

Please click on the link below to download and update to the latest version of Elements. 

Please remember to install the Snapshot Presets!

Before you install the Snapshot Presets, please be sure to fully close your DAW and Kontakt.

There are two Snapshot Preset installers, one for Mac OSX and one for Windows PC.

When installing on Mac OSX, if prompted open Settings - Security & Privacy and click 'Open Anyway' to run the Snapshot Preset installer on Mac.

If you are using Windows, Microsoft One Drive must be disabled before installing the Elements Snapshot Presets.

Manual Install of Snapshot Presets
If you experience any issues with the Snapshot Preset installers, please follow the instructions below.

(1) Inside the folder SNAPSHOT INSTALLERS you will see a folder called Manual Install. Inside this folder you will see the following folders.

- 02 ELEMENTS Lite
- 04 ELEMENTS Time Menu

(2) Copy the three folders above to the following location:

Mac OS Snapshot Folder:
System Drive/Users/<your username>/Documents/Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt/

PC Snapshot Folder:
C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt\

If you do not have a User Content folder, please create your own

/User Content/Kontakt/

This products uses Kontakt Files. Please click on the link below to find out how to install Kontakt Files.

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Tech Specs

Product Type:

Virtual Instrument


  • Kontakt files

Product Specs:

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

• Intel Core i5 (or equivalent) processor
• 8Gb of RAM or more
• Mac OSX 10.12 or above - Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers • SSD for sample streaming
• The Full Version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 6.6.0 or above

System Requirements for Optimum Performance

• Intel i9 or (or equivalent) with 8 or more Core
• 32/128 GB of RAM or more
• MAC OSX 10.12 or above - Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers. • SSD M2-NVMe for sample streaming
• The Full Version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 6.6.0 or above

Download size

  • RAR files 1-7 = 2GB
  • RAR file 8 = 197MB
  • Expanded Size: 23GB