Zero-G Cinematic Toolbox MAX Edition

A collection of four incredible best-selling Zero-G cinematic sample libraries

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The Zero-G Cinematic Toolbox MAX Edition contains over 18GB of professional cinematic sound design for filmmakers, video game developers, music producers and composers.

With this toolbox you will have a wealth of unique sonic inspiration from dark ambient soundscapes, alluring, dreamy atmospheres, eerie drones, thundering sound effects, drum loops and hits, synth and bass instruments and much more. There is simply too much to list here!

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Zero-G Cinematic Toolbox MAX Edition includes:


Dark Skies

Over 4950 Multi-Format Files | Presets | Hits | Loops | Construction Kits

Packed full of ambiences, soundscapes, drones and FX, Dark Skies Cinematic Ambiences is the perfect accompaniment for any professional film, TV or video game producer and sound editor looking for something extra.

Including everything from huge, luscious, panoramic soundscapes to the mysterious, eerie and downright scary and everything in between, this enormous library is made for people who are serious about their sound design.

In addition to hundreds of ambiences, soundscapes, drones and fx which are themed into sections, there are over 50 construction kits which present sounds within the context of a short musical/sound design piece.

"This is state of the art sound design. A first class collection suitable for top-end professional use. Very good value for money. FIVE STARS out of FIVE" - Sound on Sound


Zero-G Alien Skies

Over 4350 Multi-Format Files | Presets | Hits | Loops | Construction Kits

Alien Skies is a vast collection of ambient soundscapes, textures, drones, hits, and special FX designed to suit the needs of professional media producers such as TV, cinema & game score composers, music producers and web designers.

Extending on from the cutting edge sound design techniques showcased in Dark Skies, this fantastic new library utilizes the most innovative, modern studio technologies to provide a vast range of emotional and evocative timbral experiences.

The creative aesthetic behind Alien Skies required considerable musical artistry as well as amazing virtuosity behind the mixing desk. Many of these samples were created through exhaustive processing and mixing of live instrumental and field recordings. In short, Alien Skies is truly at the zenith of modern cinematic sound design!

"The sounds demonstrate mind-blowing sound design skills, are insanely inspiring and are presented in 24-bit. While the content is perfect for game and film scores, don't discount its use in any musical project requiring added depth and dramatic tension. Highly recommended." - Computer Music Magazine, RATING 10/10


Zero-G Deep Impact

Over 6850 Multi-Format Files | Presets | Hits | Loops | Construction Kits

With 4.2GB of cinematic audio magnificence, Deep Impact is packed full of atmospheres, special effects, soundscapes, textures, sci-fi drones and much more.

It's the perfect companion for any professional film, TV or game sound designer and will give you the implements needed to create a gamut of emotional textures to completely captivate the viewer or listener.

The showcase of this library is its 40 construction kits containing full audio backdrops which are then broken up into their component parts so that you can concoct your own creations.

In addition to these kits there are also various categories of other useful and exciting sounds including Scene FX, Beats, Drones, Explosions, Hits, Room Tones and many other atmospheric effects.

"We were particularly impressed by the many explosions, hits and whooshes and just the general supersized nature of the sounds. Deep Impact delivers a powerful, professional 'big screen' experience." - Computer Music Magazine, RATING 9/10


Zero-G Other Worlds

Over 3100 Multi-Format Files | Presets | Hits | Loops | Construction Kits

Created by the producer of our highly acclaimed Haunted Ground sample library, Other Worlds is a huge 4.6GB library delving into the exploration and creation of cinematic textures.

Atmospheric, organic, soothing, melodic, evolving, morphing, dissonant, distorted, piercing, chilling, eerie, driving, dark, noisy, bright, floating, spacious, overwhelming and much more.

The timbres range from modern sci-fi, out-of-this-world, electronica layers and effects, through eerie stingers, sweeps and howls, all the way to horror-filled, suspenseful atmospheres and melodic sequences for action/drama.

This library is aimed at providing instant inspiration to the contemporary cinematic soundtrack and sound effects producer as well as raw material for experimentation in any genre of music. Use the sounds out-of-the-box as background layers for motion picture scoring applications or load them into your favourite sampler to chop up, transform, reverse, filter and make them a musical base for your compositions.

"The modern electronica style is well represented with lots of weird drones, odd pads and dissonant sounds that were applied with over-the-top processing. If you're into cinematic soundtrack, ambient, drones and experimental music, this pack is highly recommended." - SoundBytes Magazine

Over 19,000 Multi-format Files

Over 18GB uncompressed size

Acidized WAV Files
AIFF Apple Loops
Kontakt Instruments (Full version of Kontakt is required)
EXS24 Instruments
NN-XT Instruments
HALion Instruments

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  • Acid
  • Apple loops
  • Aiff
  • Exs24
  • Halion
  • Kontakt files
  • Reason
  • Nnxt

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