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Time+Space Media SuiteOur groundbreaking in-store soundware demonstration solution...

The Time+Space Media Suite software has been specifically developed to allow the user to audition both sample libraries and software products over 200 products loaded and ready to use. Virtual instruments can be played using the 49 note MIDI keyboard and effects plug-ins can be tested with the in-built selection of audio files. No other company offers such a large range of soundware products for you to try before you buy so visit your local Media Suite dealer today...

Time+Space have 12 Test Stations located throughout the UK and Ireland so this gives you the customer, a unique opportunity to thoroughly road test any product before purchase.


 Media Suite Screenshot

As you can see our Media Suite has a simple to use user interface allowing you to easily navigate our range of products at you leisure. Most Virtual Instruments can be loaded up and auditioned using the ESI 49 note MIDI keyboard which is attached to the kiosk itself. This gives you instant access to a huge range of different plug-ins including drums, pianos, guitars and much more. When you find a product you are interested in, all the relevant information is displayed on the bottom of the screen. This includes producer, format, full desciption and even video tutorials if they are available. All the information you need to know in order to decide whether you have found a suitable product.

 Media Suite Screenshot

Shown above is Rob Papen Punch which is one of the many software instruments that can be loaded up and tried out in full using the Media Suite. There are no limitations as only the full versions of each application are installed. A selection of presets are provided above the interface itself which, when clicked, automatically load into the selected plug-in. This means that you can try out different patches without using the interface at all, great if you´re not sure how it operates or just want to gain quick access to some of the different programs included in each package.

The Media Suite software is continually being updated with new titles and products to ensure that all the latest collections are available to audition. You´ll also find that each Media Suite dealer will be carrying a range of stock to purchase over the counter so you don´t have to wait for items to be sent via courier.

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