Steinberg Cubase

Steinberg Cubase was originally launched for the Atari ST in 1989 and recorded MIDI only. Since then Cubase has become a popular choice for home recording and studio professionals. Cubase will run on both Windows PC and Mac OSX with the latest Windows Vista version supporting 64bit technology.

Over the past 20 years Steinberg have released many versions of Cubase, most notably in 1999 Cubase VST 2.0 introduced a virtual instrument interface for software synthesizers known as VSTi. This made it possible for third-party software programmers to create and sell virtual instruments for Cubase.

The latest version of Cubase 5 was released in 2009 and offers state of the art recording features. It ships in three versions. Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5 and Cubase Essential 5. Click here to see a feature comparison.

Time & Space offer a wide range of virtual instruments which are compatible with Cubase including Omnisphere, Stylus,Trilian, Symphobia and Superior Drummer 2.0 to name a few!

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Cubase 5 features:

Groove Agent ONE pairs powerful drum sampling with detailed sound shaping — seamlessly integrated into Cubase. Not only does it boast sliced loop and MPC-import but rocks right out of the box with its own custom library of only the finest acoustic, urban, hip hop and dance drum kits! Support for WAV, AIFF and the legendary MPC format.

Beat Designer is a hot new beat construction plug-in that allows you to get hands-on with beats for step programming and designing drum patterns in an easy yet powerful way, working hand in hand with Groove Agent ONE.

LoopMash is a revolutionary virtual instrument that offers a unique and innovative way of creatively working with loops and beats to create stunning new rhythms and grooves.

Vocal Editing and Pitch Correction - VariAudio offers completely integrated vocal editing and pitch alteration of individual notes in monophonic vocal recordings and can solve intonation and timing problems with only a few mouse clicks.

The new PitchCorrect VST3 plug-in brings easy and automatic intonation control and scale correction of vocal and monophonic instrument recordings to Cubase. PitchCorrect is based on the acclaimed Yamaha Pitch Fix technology and constantly detects the pitch of the input material and immediately corrects it to match to the closest pitch of a user-specified scale, including minor, major, chromatic and custom scales.

REVerence is the world’s first VST3-based convolution reverb processor and benefits from every single aspect the VST3 standard has to offer. This sumptuously realistic reverb processor ships with an exceptionally sounding library including over 70 impulses created at some of the world’s most distinctive locations. If that’s not enough, REVerence supports the import of multi-channel custom user impulses and corresponding images.

The new automation handling in Cubase 5 is now more transparent and flexible than ever before, the centerpiece being the new automation panel, which offers a unified point of control for all automation settings.

Cubase 5 fully supports native 64-bit high performance computing under Microsoft Windows Vista 64 and increases the addressable memory space from 2 GB to an amazing 1 terabyte — placing more tracks, plug-ins and a whole lot of more samples of the biggest libraries right at the artist’s fingertips! Producers and composers using the latest sample libraries will benefit from the ability to access a maximum of 1 terabyte of memory.

The brand-new Channel Batch Export is a new way of exporting individual tracks to create archives or exchange projects with other production systems. As an extension of the Export Audio Mixdown window, Channel Batch Export allows the export of the audible output of a multiple selection of mixer channels to audio files. Channel Batch Export is also an ideal way of reorganizing a project to give the maximum available CPU power, with all files and VSTi tracks exported to audio tracks, freeing up system resources.

All available VST plug-ins can now be sorted by vendor and category (if enabled), offering an additional search parameter for even easier plug-in browsing.

Minimum System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements state the minimal specification your computer must have to be able to use the software. A more powerful system may be required for certain tasks or larger projects.


Supported operating systems: Mac OS X 10.5.5 and 10.6
PowerPC G5 (Intel Core Duo CPU recommended)
1024 MB RAM
Display resolution 1280 x 800 pixels recommended
CoreAudio compatible audio hardware
DVD-ROM drive with dual-layer support
4 GB of free HD space
USB component port for USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key (copy protection)
Internet connection for license activation

Windows PC

Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista* and Windows 7*
2 GHz CPU (dual core CPU recommended)
1024 MB RAM
Display resolution 1280 x 800 pixels recommended
Windows DirectX compatible audio hardware (ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency performance)
DVD-ROM drive with dual-layer support
4 GB of free HD space
USB component port for USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key (copy protection)
nternet connection for license activation

The included Cubase 5 64-bit version natively supports 64-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7.